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Exploring the Enchanting Museum of Illusions in Delhi (2023)

Get ready to have your mind blown at the Museum of Illusions in Delhi! Get ready to be amazed by its interesting displays and confusing optical tricks. In this special web feature, we'll show you the 2023 schedule, how much tickets will cost, and some crazy facts.

Unveiling the Hidden Wonders: 15 Lesser-Known Facts

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Timings & Ticket Price (2023)

Explore the Museum of Illusions in Delhi from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday. Tickets: Rs 650/adults, Rs 520/children (3+), Rs 500/seniors. Weekend prices: Rs 690/adults, Rs 550/children (3+). Dive into optical marvels!

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15 Lesser-Known, Mind-Blowing Facts

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1. Gravity-Defying Room

Step into a room where walls and floors seem to switch places, defying the laws of gravity.

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2. Mirror Maze Mastery

Navigate through an intricate maze of mirrors that challenge your sense of direction.

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3. Holographic Horizons

Immerse yourself in holographic projections that transport you to breathtaking landscapes.

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4. Size-Shifting Illusions

Encounter exhibits that play with perspective, making you appear giant or tiny.

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5. Time Warp Tunnel

Walk through a tunnel where time seems to warp, creating a surreal visual experience.

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6. Impossible Triangle

Lay your eyes on the famous Penrose triangle—an optical illusion that perplexes the mind.

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7. Levitation Unveiled

Witness mind-boggling levitation tricks that defy the laws of physics.

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8. Einstein's Study

Step into a reimagined version of Einstein's study, where equations come to life around you.

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9. Anti-Gravity Room

Experience the thrill of standing on walls and ceilings in a room defying gravitational norms.

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10. Anamorphic Artistry

Discover art pieces that transform into 3D wonders when viewed from specific angles.

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11. Illusory Upside Down Room

Walk on the ceiling and watch water flow upwards in a room turned topsy-turvy.

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12. Infinite Mirrors

Get lost in a mesmerizing display of infinite reflections that seem to go on forever.

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13. Esher's World

Explore the artistic universe of M.C. Escher through mind-bending visuals.

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14. Illusion of Movement

Encounter static images that spring to life with a sense of movement before your eyes.

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15. Mind-Reading Mirrors

Stand before mirrors that seem to read your mind, revealing your innermost thoughts.

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Unveil the Marvels of the Museum

Visit the Museum of Illusions and let your curiosity run wild to see these secret wonders for yourself. Get ready to have your ideas tested, your mind blown, and your sense of what's real changed. 

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