Worlds of Wonder Park

Noida's Ultimate Adventure Park!

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure at Worlds of Wonder, Noida's Premier Amusement Park!

About Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder began its thrilling journey in 2007. It's one of India's top amusement and water parks located in Delhi NCR.

1) Rides and Fun

With over 20 rides and games, a water park, and go-karting, there's something for everyone here!

2) Mega Disko

Experience non-stop excitement on the Mega Disko, a thrilling ride that will leave you spinning and swaying.

3) Road Show

The 'Road Show' area is a hub of fun with rides and activities that will keep you coming back for more.

4) Chart Smashers

Dance to the beats at Chart Smashers, a music-themed attraction that gets you moving.

5) Download

Hold on tight for a fast-paced adventure on Download that will set your heart racing.

6) Feedback

Scream with delight as you tackle the twists and turns of Feedback.

7) La Fiesta

Now, let's head to 'La Fiesta,' the family and kids' zone, perfect for a day of bonding and laughter.

8) Hippti Hopp

Bounce around on Hippti Hopp, a ride that will have the kids giggling with joy.

9) Loco-Motion

Join in on the Loco-Motion for a whirlwind adventure filled with spins and twirls.

10) Space Shot

Brace yourself for a thrilling ascent on Space Shot, a ride that takes you to new heights.

11) Samba Rhumba

Sway and dance to the rhythm of Samba Rhumba, a music-infused ride.

12) Bird’s Nest

Feel the peace of Bird’s Nest as you gently soar through the air.

13) Dizzy Dina

Spin and whirl on Dizzy Dina, a whirlwind of fun awaits.

14) Rockin Joker

For a dose of laughter, the Rockin Joker will do the trick.

15) Jumper

Jump into the action with Jumper, a ride that will leave you bouncing with joy.

16) Shanghai Swinger

Swing high and low on Shanghai Swinger, a delightful experience awaits.

17) Mini Train

Take a leisurely ride on the Mini Train, a great way to relax and rest.

18) Mini Jet

Young aviators can take off on their adventure with Mini Jet.

19) Rain Dance

Cool off and groove to the music at the Rain Dance.

20) Lake WOW

Enjoy the tranquility of Lake WOW, a peaceful oasis within the park.