A Monsoon Delight of Sawan 2023

Ghevar Revealed: A Sweet Symphony of Sawan 

Discover Ghevar: A Rainy Season Gem for Teej and Rakshabandhan. Join me for a delightful 2023 journey to the world of Ghevar!

The Art and Flavours of Ghevar

Ghevar is a gourmet marvel, not a pleasure. Only made during Sawan, it resembles a honeycomb with delicious rabri. Discover its wonderful variants.


– Plain Ghevar is a favorite. It's crisp and soaked in sweet syrup. – Malai Ghevar is made with khoya and saffron to give it a sweet twist. – Mawa Ghevar is a sweet treat made with rich khoya.

Making Ghevar: Finding the Right Balance

Making Ghevar is an art that requires a lot of accuracy. Mixing flour, butter, and water together, the batter is shaped into complex grid designs. After being fried until browned, it is dipped in sugar syrup to make it perfect.

Ghevar's Reach: Beyond the Boundaries

Ghevar is famous even though it comes from Rajasthan. Traditional ways are used to make it in Rajasthan, milk Ghevar is made in Haryana, and Khoya and Rabari Ghevar are made near Brij.

Trying out new tastes

Even though the custom is nice, adding new things like chocolate and pan Ghevar makes things more interesting. But the original Ghevar will always be a favorite.

Ghevar Brands for the Year 2023

Enjoy the holidays with well-known Ghevar brands: Chaina Ram: 450 rupees – Rs 375/- at Haldiram's – Rs 360/- for Kaleva – Rs 410/- for Bikanervala – Rs 300/- at Om Sweets – Sweets from Nathu: Rs 300/-

A Taste of Tradition in Ghevar

As the summer holidays spread across North India, Ghevar becomes the most important event. This treat is a trip through different tastes and customs, whether you are in Rajasthan, Haryana, or Mathura Vrindavan.