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Ghevar: The Most Popular Sweets of Sawan 2023

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It is Sawan and how is it possible that we do not talk about delicious sweets like Ghevar? As you all know, many Teej festivals come in the season of Sawan. Like Rakshabandhan, Teej, and others, it becomes necessary to talk about Ghevar in 2023. Ghevar is the only sweet that is available at the sweet shop only for a short period of time. You can say that Ghewar is a kind of seasonal sweet.

Ghevar is a traditional sweet made only in Sawan. This sweet looks like a honeycomb and tastes crispy. A layer of rabri on top makes it special. By the way, many types of sweets have come into the market. But Ghewar has a status of its own. In today’s article, we will give you detailed information about Ghewar.

Introduction to Ghevar

When it comes to traditional Rajasthani sweets, Ghevar stands out as a royal dessert. Ghewar is a Rajasthani sweet. Where in olden times it was made as a special sweet for the royal family. The tradition of making this sweet has been going on for generations. 

This maintains its authenticity. Originating from the vibrant land of Rajasthan in India, Ghevar is a special type of sweet. Which reflects the essence of the rich culture and heritage of the region. This sweet is often used in the festivals that fall in the month of Sawan. Because its taste, feel and its history is very old.

Types of Ghevar

Different Varieties of Ghevar
Explore the Various Types of Ghewar, Each Offering a Unique Taste and Texture.

Although there are many types of Ghevar, each of which has its own wonderful taste. Among these are the following:

  • Plain Ghevar: It’s a plain ghevar. The sweet and crisp flavor of this treat becomes prominent after deep-frying it and soaking it in sugar syrup. Some places also make it out of milk, which is called “milk ghevar.” Usually, this kind of Ghewar is the most common.
  • Malai Ghevar: In a small change from the traditional recipe, khoya or cream is spread on top of the same plain ghevar. Malai Ghewar is rich in Malai (cream) and saffron. The crunchy Ghewar has a sweet and fragrant flavor when topped with malai.
  • Mawa Ghevar: For those who want an even more indulgent experience, Mawa Ghevar is the answer. This variation includes mawa (khoya), a condensed milk product. Mawa contributes to the texture and flavor of the desert, making it even more delicious.

Material and Method

To make great ghevar, you need to be precise and skilled. Mixing flour, butter, and water together makes a batter with the right thickness. First, you put thick rings of this batter into hot ghee, creating the typical lattice design of ghewar. After frying the ghevar until it turns golden brown and becomes crisp. To soak up the sweetness, the item soaks in sugar syrup.

Gewar Regional Variations

By the way, Ghewar has an association with Rajasthan. But over time its popularity has crossed regional boundaries. The people in Rajasthan still make this sweet using the traditional method. Ghewar is also very popular in the neighboring state of Haryana. The milk ghewar of Sonipat in Haryana is also very famous. But Khoya and Rabari Ghewar are more popular in places like Mathura, Palwal, and Faridabad which are close to Brij.

Modern Twist and Innovation

As time goes on, changes keep happening in the sweets as well. The people who make these sweets try new things with them all the time. Even Ghevar is not an exception. Also to standard ghewar, you can now order chocolate ghewar, pan ghewar, etc, when you order ghewar at hotels and restaurants. But nothing can taste as good as classic ghewar. And if you’re talking about me, I love very much sweets. I almost never go a day without eating something sweet. During the rainy season, I eat this sweet every day.

Top Ghevar Brands in India for the Festive Season (2023)

Top Ghevar Brands in India for the Festive Season (2023)

BrandPrice (Half Kg)
Chaina RamRs 450/-
Haldiram’sRs 375/-
KalevaRs 360/-
BikanervalaRs 410/-
Om SweetsRs 300/-
Nathu’s SweetsRs 300/-

During the festive season of 2023, you can enjoy the delicious tastes of these well-known Ghewar names. Enjoy the festive spirit with these tasty treats!


In conclusion, we can say that Ghevar is a special dessert. To taste each piece of which you will have to wait till Sawan. In North India, especially in the Teej festivals of Rajasthan and Haryana, it has its own importance. If any tourist is thinking of going on a trip to Rajasthan, Haryana, or Mathura Vrindavan in the monsoon season. And if he is always in the desire of a unique kind of taste, then he must definitely enjoy Ghewar once. Now it depends on your choice whether you like Simple Ghewar or Rabri Ghevar.


What are the ingredients of Ghewar?

Ghewar consists of a batter made from clarified butter (ghee), flour, milk, and sugar. People deep-fry it until it becomes crispy and then soak it in sugar syrup.

Which ghevar is famous in India?

The “Malai Ghewar” is particularly famous in India. It’s famous for its creamy texture and its rich flavor.

Where did Ghewar originate in India?

Ghewar originated in Rajasthan, India. People enjoy this traditional Rajasthani sweet during various festivals and special occasions.

Why is ghewar costly?

Ghewar can be costly due to the labor-intensive process of making it. It takes a lot of time, skill, and good materials to make, which makes it more expensive.

Is ghevar made of maida?

Yes, ghevar contains a mixture of all-purpose flour (maida), ghee, and milk in its preparation.This forms the base of the batter used to create the sweet.

What is the English name for ghevar?

Ghevar is called “Honeycomb Sweet” in English because it looks like a honeycomb.

What are the different types of ghewar?

There are several variations of ghewar, including Plain Ghewar, Malai Ghewar, Mawa Ghewar, and Paneer Ghewar. Each type offers a distinct taste and texture.

Which state is famous for ghevar?

Ghevar is famous in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Rajasthani food and culture hold a special place for it, and people often enjoy it during holidays and parties. The Haryana Ghewar has also become popular and is a much-loved sweet in Haryana.

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