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Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore: Photos, Timings & Entry Fees 2023

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Adiyogi Shiva Statue in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, welcomes you to its wonderful world. what is a spiritual and physical masterpiece that stands for devotion and godliness? The history of it is told in this article. How does it affect millions of tourists and travelers, and what does it mean? One of the most important holy sites in Coimbatore is the Adiyogi Shiva Pratima Temple. In many ways, it shows India’s deep spiritual and cultural maps. The Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore is a beautiful spiritual icon that you must see when you are in South India.

A. Adiyogi Shiva’s Significance in Hindu Mythology:

According to Hindu mythology, Adiyogi Shiva is a very important figure. Because he is the source of all yogic knowledge. In Hindu writings, Shiva is called the Adi Guru, the first Yogi, and the sign of complete spirituality. He is depicted as the Lord of meditation, a cosmic dancer, and an ascetic teacher. All of which represent the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Through Adiyogi Shiva’s yoga, meditation, and self-realization lessons, many people have reached enlightenment.

B. Adiyogi Shiva Statue: A Cultural and Spiritual Icon:

The Adiyogi Shiva statue Coimbatore is a beautiful and awe-inspiring religious and cultural symbol. Which can connect people all over the world. What makes it important is that it can:

  • Preserve Ancient Heritage: The statue embodies India’s ancient heritage, celebrating timeless Hindu wisdom, and preserving it for future generations.
  • Inspire Spiritual Seekers: The Adiyogi Shiva statue Coimbatore inspires seekers to explore within and discover themselves.
  • Foster Unity and Harmony: The statue’s global charm unites diverse people, fostering respect and understanding across cultures.
  • Promote Yogic Wisdom: The Adiyogi Shiva statue Coimbatore visually represents yogic knowledge, inspiring yoga and meditation practice.
  • Celebrate Cultural Identity: The Adiyogi Shiva Statue symbolizes cultural pride, acknowledging Hindu mythology’s impact on India’s cultural tapestry.

Hindu folklore gives Adiyogi Shiva a lot of importance, as shown by the Adiyogi Shiva Statue Temple in Coimbatore. It’s helpful for people who want spiritual direction. Honor India’s religious and cultural past as well. Its spiritual and beautiful air moves people all over the world.

Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore Photos & Images

II. Historical Background of Adiyogi Shiva

A. Origins of Adiyogi ShivaAncient Hindu Texts depict Shiva as follows:
– In Vedic Scriptures, he’s Rudra, with both destructive and benevolent aspects.
– The Yajurveda describes him as an ascetic and the embodiment of meditation.
– Upanishads portray Shiva as eternal, formless, and all-pervading consciousness.
B. Shiva as the First YogiShiva shared yoga with the Saptarishis:
– He transmitted profound yoga wisdom to the Saptarishis.
– Shiva symbolizes asceticism, renouncing desires, and inner contemplation.
– Many yoga practices like Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga have origins in Shiva’s teachings.
C. Relevance of Shiva’s TeachingsShiva’s teachings are relevant in modern yoga:
– Emphasis on holistic well-being and self-awareness, similar to contemporary yoga.
– Focus on inner exploration and self-realization for profound transformation.
– The global popularity of yoga is influenced by Shiva’s role as the first yogi and his teachings.

III. The Adiyogi Shiva Statue: Location, Artistic Details, and Construction

A. Location and Installation of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue:

  • Location: Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Significance: Spiritual place where people connect with Adiyogi Shiva.
  • Installation: Unveiled on Mahashivratri, celebrating Shiva, symbolizing 112 paths to enlightenment.

B. Physical Dimensions and Artistic Features of the Statue:

  • Height: 112 feet, representing 112 ways to discover one’s true self.
  • Pose: Shiva in a meditative posture, eyes closed in deep thought.
  • Appearance: Ash-covered body, flowing locks, serene countenance.
  • Hand Positions: Right hand offers fearlessness (Abhaya Mudra), left hand points skyward.
  • Adornments: Minimal, with a coiled serpent around the neck.

C. Materials Used in the Construction of the Statue:

  • Construction: Mainly steel for structural strength.
  • Outer Covering: Meticulously sculpted white plaster for artistic appeal and purity.
  • Craftsmanship: Exquisite detailing, a testament to the sculptors’ skill and devotion.

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore at Isha Yoga Center is a strong sign of spiritual knowledge that helps people on their path to becoming more like Shiva.

adiyogi shiva statue photo
Image Source: By Prabhuthiru57 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

IV. Symbolism and Iconography of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue

A. Symbolic Representations of Shiva as Adiyogi:

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore is full of deep meanings, showing Shiva as the first source of yoga knowledge:

  • Meditative Pose: Shiva’s peaceful meditative pose represents spiritual calmness and deep thought, inspiring people to explore their inner selves to find themselves.
  • Serene Expression: Shiva’s soft smile is a sign of endless kindness and compassion, encouraging followers to show love and compassion.
  • Ash-Covered Body: Shiva’s ash-covered body is a reminder that material life is temporary and that spiritual seekers should let go of ties to the material world on their path.

B. Explaining Elements in the Statue:

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue skillfully combines many different parts, each with a deep spiritual meaning:

  • Third Eye: Shiva’s famous third eye on his face stands for spiritual understanding, greater knowledge, and perception. It means that your inner vision is opening up so that you can see the truth beyond this world.
  • Abhaya Mudra: Shiva’s raised right hand in the Abhaya Mudra pose is a sign of courage and security, letting followers know that God will lead them and keep them safe on their way.
  • Pointing Hand: Shiva’s left hand pointing up is a symbol of the upward trip to spiritual freedom, which helps people rise above their limits on earth and reach greater states of awareness.

C. Shiva’s Third Eye and Serpent Necklace Significance:

The famous parts of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue have deep meanings that represent Shiva’s holy qualities and spiritual importance:

  • Third Eye: In yoga thought, Shiva’s third eye represents the “ajna chakra,” which is the sixth energy point. It stands for inner knowledge, clarity, and the ability to see into the worlds we can’t see.
  • Serpent Necklace: Shiva’s collar is a snake, which represents Kundalini, the coiled spiritual force that lies asleep inside everyone. It means that Shiva is in charge of this strong force and that it helps people become spiritually awake.

The images on the Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore are strong memories of Shiva’s holiness. They encourage people who want to reach a higher level of awareness to try yoga, meditation, and self-realization.

V. Spiritual and Cultural Significance of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue

A. Adiyogi Shiva’s Impact on Yoga and Spirituality:

Adiyogi Shiva has had a huge impact on the history of yoga and spiritual practices in general:

  • The originator of Yoga: As the Adi Guru, Shiva is regarded as the first yogi who taught his students, the Saptarishis, how to do yoga. His lessons are the basis for many different yoga practices and beliefs.
  • Spiritual Guidance: People on their spiritual walk can learn from Shiva’s lessons on meditation, self-realization, and personal change. And help your mind, body, and spirit stay in balance.
  • Yoga Philosophy: Shiva believes that asanas (physical poses), pranayama (breath control), and seeking higher awareness are all important for mental and health.

B. Impact of Adiyogi Shiva Statue on Global Yoga and Meditation:

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore has played a crucial role in promoting yoga and meditation on a global scale:

  • Symbol of Yoga: The statue has become a powerful symbol representing the essence and universality of yoga. Its visual appeal draws attention to the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice.
  • Inspiring Seekers: The majestic presence of the statue inspires countless individuals to explore the profound teachings of yoga, meditation, and self-awareness.
  • Global Recognition: The statue’s global recognition boosts yoga’s acceptance as a transformative practice for overall well-being.

C. Statue’s Link to International Day of Yoga:

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue’s connection with the International Day of Yoga is noteworthy:

  • Symbolic Inclusion: The statue embodies the principles and essence of yoga, making it a fitting symbol for the International Day of Yoga celebrations.
  • Spiritual Significance: The day coincides with the summer solstice, an important date in the yogic calendar. The statue’s presence adds spiritual significance to the worldwide celebration of yoga on this day.
  • Global Impact: The statue’s prominence has contributed to the wider recognition and observance of the International Day of Yoga across different countries and cultures.

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore has great spiritual and cultural significance, embodying Adiyogi Shiva’s teachings and promoting global appreciation for ancient yoga and meditation wisdom. It continues to inspire spiritual seekers and promote harmony, unity, and well-being on a universal scale.

D. Tourism’s Economic Impact on the Region:

The presence of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore has brought about significant positive effects on the region’s tourism and economic landscape:

  • Spiritual Pilgrimage: The statue has become a sacred destination for spiritual seekers and pilgrims, enriching their journeys of self-discovery and inner growth.
  • Tourist Attraction: Its unique and awe-inspiring design has turned the region into a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with diverse interests.
  • Economic Boost: The influx of visitors has created opportunities for local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops, stimulating economic growth.

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue stands as a timeless testament to human dedication, artistic brilliance, and engineering prowess, leaving a lasting impact on all who witness its magnificence.

VII. Global Influence and Recognition of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue

A. Global Recognition of Adiyogi Shiva Statue:

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore has garnered widespread recognition and appreciation at an international scale, drawing admiration from people of diverse backgrounds and cultures:

  • Spiritual Seekers: Spiritual seekers worldwide visit the statue to experience its aura and delve into Adiyogi Shiva’s teachings.
  • Media and Publications: The statue is featured in global media, highlighting its cultural and spiritual significance.
  • Awards and Accolades: The Adiyogi Shiva Statue has won numerous awards for its artistic and engineering excellence, reinforcing its global acclaim.

B. Famous Visitors to the Statue:

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue has welcomed several notable personalities from the global stage, including celebrities, political leaders, and dignitaries:

  • Celebrities: Renowned entertainers seek inspiration and solace at the statue. Actors, musicians, and artists have visited it.
  • Leaders: Several national and international leaders have paid their respects to the statue, acknowledging its cultural and spiritual significance.
  • Dignitaries: Prominent dignitaries from various countries visit the Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore during official visits to India.

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue’s global recognition and esteemed visitors reflect its profound impact in promoting India’s spiritual heritage and its contributions to yoga and meditation worldwide.

VIII. Controversies and Challenges of Adiyogi Shiva Statue

A. Controversies and Criticisms of the Statue:

The revered Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore faced controversies and criticisms during its creation and purpose:

  • Financial Concerns: Some critics have raised questions about the substantial financial resources allocated to the construction of the statue, arguing that it could have been utilized for other socio-economic initiatives.
  • Cultural Appropriation: There have been discussions regarding the portrayal of Hindu deities in public spaces, with concerns raised about cultural appropriation and misinterpretation of their significance.

B. Addressing Concerns and Promoting Inclusivity:

In response to the controversies and challenges, measures have been taken to address concerns and promote inclusivity:

  • Transparency: The organizations involved in the construction have increased transparency about the project’s funding and its positive impact on the local community.
  • Educational Initiatives: Efforts have been made to educate visitors about the cultural and spiritual significance of the statue, fostering a deeper understanding of its purpose and relevance.
  • Interfaith Engagement: The Adiyogi Shiva Statue serves as a platform for interfaith dialogues, promoting mutual respect and understanding among different religious communities.

It’s crucial to address concerns about cultural symbols like the Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore, fostering unity and inclusive spiritual exploration.

Adiyogi Isha Center Latest Video

Video Credit: Heena Bhatia

Visitor Information:

Opening and Closing TimingsOpening: Usually around 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM.
Closing: Generally around 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Photography AllowedYes. However, be respectful of the sacredness and other visitors while taking photos.
Ticket PriceEntry is free of charge for visitors. Additional activities or tours may have nominal fees.
How to ReachBy Air: Coimbatore International Airport (approximately 30-40 km from the center).
By Train: Coimbatore Junction (approximately 30-40 km from the center).
By Road: Well-connected by road; taxis or buses available.
AddressIsha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India – 641114.
Telephone No:– 83000 83111,
– 0422 4283111,
– 0422 3583111
Nearby Attractions:Dhyanalinga Temple: Unique meditative space within Isha Yoga Center.
Velliangiri Mountains: Sacred mountain range for trekking and spiritual experiences.
Kovai Kondattam: Amusement park with water rides and recreational activities.
Perur Pateeswarar Temple: Historical Shiva temple with intricate architecture.
Note: For the latest information on upcoming events and programs at the Isha Yoga Center, please visit the official website: https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/center/isha-yoga-center-coimbatore

Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore Timings:

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore and the Yoheshwar Linga temple are open every day, from 6 in the morning until 8 at night. But, on special days like Purnima and Amavasya, they stay open until midnight. At night, there’s even a music concert in front of the statue from 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm, and you can get some prasad afterward. Enjoy!

All days of the week6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Purnima and AmavasyaOpen until midnight
Special Music Concert10:30 PM to 11:30 PM with prasad after
Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore Visiting Hours

Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore Address and Contact Information

Contact InformationDetails
Location:Velliangiri Foothills, Mahashivaratri Grounds, Ishana Vihar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641114
Phone Number: 091-83000 83111
Adiyogi Shiva Statue Location and Phone Number

how to reach adiyogi shiva statue Coimbatore from delhi?

To reach the Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore from Delhi, you can take the following steps:

  1. By Air: The nearest major airport to the Adiyogi Shiva Statue is Coimbatore International Airport (CJB). You can book a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in Delhi to Coimbatore.
  2. By Train: Coimbatore Junction is the nearest railway station. You can board a train from New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) to Coimbatore.
  3. By Road: You can take a cab or use public transportation in Coimbatore to get to the Adiyogi Shiva Statue, which is in the Velliangiri Foothills.

The quickest way from Delhi to the Adiyogi Shiva Statue Coimbatore is by a 4-hour, ₹7,000-₹17,000 flight. Alternatively, a train takes 40 hours, costing ₹1,800-₹6,000, or a bus, a slower 2-day journey at ₹4,700-₹13,000. Please look at the flight and train times and options to make sure you can plan your trip well.

Nearby Attractions and Activities of Adiyogi Shiva Statue:

  • Things to Do near Adiyogi Shiva
  • Dhyanalinga Temple
  • Surya Kund
  • Marudamalai Temple
  • Velliangiri Mountains
  • Kovai Kutralam Water Falls
  • Bethesda International Prayer Centre
  • Kovai Kuttralam
  • Siruvani Reservoir
  • Kava
  • Vaidehi Waterfall

Accommodation Options Near Adiyogi Shiva Statue

There are hotels and other places to stay in Coimbatore that are close to the Adiyogi Shiva Statue. You can stay in a hotel in Coimbatore city, in the Velliangiri foothills, or in a nearby area like Ishana Vihar. Apart from this, you can find places to stay that suit your taste and prices by visiting travel websites or calling travel agencies in your area.

Here are some nearby hotels:

  1. Tuskers Hill by Poppys
  2. Sterling Anaikatti
  3. Au Revoir
  4. Ananyas Nest
  5. Hotel Tripenta
  6. Distrikt 9
  7. Oxy Valley Resorts
  8. KTDC Garden House
  9. AARA Jungle Resort
  10. IKON By Annapoorna
  11. Hotel Vijai Paradise
  12. Svarga Residency
  13. Hasco Tower
  14. Nalanda Inn

Thanks for the list of hotels in Coimbatore that are close to the Adiyogi Shiva Statue. Visitors can pick one of these places to stay.

Adiyogi Shiva Statue FAQs

What is the significance of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue?

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue symbolizes Shiva as the first yogi and the source of yogic knowledge. It represents spiritual wisdom, inner contemplation, and the journey of self-realization.

Where is the Adiyogi Shiva Statue located?

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue is located at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Is there an entry fee to visit the Adiyogi Shiva Statue?

No, entry to the Adiyogi Shiva Statue is usually free for visitors. However, certain additional activities or guided tours may have nominal charges.

Are photography and videography allowed near the statue?

Yes, photography and videography are generally allowed. However, it is important to be respectful and considerate of other visitors and the sanctity of the place while taking photos or videos.

Can I attend any meditation or yoga sessions at the Isha Yoga Center?

Yes, the Isha Yoga Center offers various yoga programs and meditation sessions for visitors. You can check the center’s schedule for available programs.

What are the opening and closing timings of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue?

The statue is generally open from morning to evening, with opening times around 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM and closing times around 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Are there any nearby attractions to visit along with the Adiyogi Shiva Statue?

Yes, the Isha Yoga Center itself offers the Dhyanalinga Temple, and nearby attractions include the Velliangiri Mountains, Kovai Kondattam amusement park, and Perur Pateeswarar Temple.

How can I reach the Isha Yoga Center from the nearest airport or railway station?

The Isha Yoga Center is approximately 30-40 km from Coimbatore International Airport and Coimbatore Junction. Local taxis or buses are available for transportation to the center.


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