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Adventure Island Rohini: Rides, Photos, Timings & Ticket Price 2023

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Welcome to Adventure Island, a unique theme park right in the middle of Rohini, Delhi. In that place, the fun and journey never end, and every moment is one to remember. With its lively bazaar, thrilling rides, and beautiful lake, Adventure Island is a one-of-a-kind place to visit. Come with us as we discover this amazing place that will delight people of all ages. When looking for the best places to visit in Delhi, Adventure Island Rohini Theme Amusement Park stands out as a top destination. With thrilling rides and family fun, it’s a must-see.

About Adventure Island Rohini, Delhi

Adventure Island, which is in Rohini, Delhi, is the best place to go for fun, excitement, and thrills. Adventure Island has fun things for people of all kinds. Which is split up into different parts. There is always something exciting going on at Adventure Island in Rohini, Delhi. This amusement park has fun rides. The food is wonderful, and the family will never forget the adventures. Adventure Island is a world of fun and excitement, not just a theme park. This spot, which is right in the middle of Rohini, offers a fun-filled day for both kids and adults. Adventure Island Theme Amusement Park is the best place to be because it has so many rides, tasty food, and exciting shows.

Metro Walk Retail Delight

Metro Walk is a huge area that looks like an open market. It covers more than 2 lakh square feet and is full of life. This shopping area has clothing stores for kids and clothing stores for people. There are stores and other places that sell things that people need every day. People of all types can enjoy shopping and eating there.

Adventure Island The Amusement Park

The amusement park is what Adventure Island is all about. Professionals from around the world have worked hard to plan. The best European safety rules are used in this 62-acre park. So people are sure to have a truly exceptional experience. Aspirants who want to try new things or relax. They can do a lot of different high-tech rides and games at the park. Beginning in 2006, people could visit Adventure Island. After that, people went there to get a rush of energy and have special times. The Appu Ghar group, which is well-known for putting on fantastic shows, is in charge of running it.

Lagoon The Picturesque Lake

Lagoon, the artificial lake, is a peaceful contrast to the busy environment. It’s a beautiful background for Metro Walk, and Adventure Island tourists can use it to launch their boats. Boat rides are available for guests to enjoy while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Accessibility to All

The location of Adventure Island near the Rithala metro station in Rohini is very handy. That makes it simple for people from all over the city to get there. It is easy and quick to get to Adventure Island, whether you choose to take the train or the inner and outer ring roads. 

CustomerCentric and Safety

Adventure Island of India is the first place of its kind to visit. Promised to keep everyone safe and give great customer service. The park’s main goal is to make sure its guests are happy and safe, and it meets and goes beyond most safety standards.

Adventure Island Rides and Attractions:

Adventure Island has many interesting rides and attractions that will keep people of all ages entertained all day. There’s something for everyone, from fast roller coasters to water rides.

Adult Rides:

Adventure Island has many exciting rides for adults. There is an adventure for everyone who likes to be scared, from the heart-pounding Z-Force to the lightning-fast Lightning Bolt.

Adventure Island Adult Rides Photos & Images

1. ZForce For the Daredevils:

It’s not for the faint of heart, but ZForce is a thrilling ride. You have to be at least 105 cm tall to go on this attraction, which is made for people who like to take risks. It can fit up to eight people, so it’s a great activity for a group. Get ready to feel the wind in your hair as you fly on ZForce. You will definitely feel pumped up and want more after this exciting journey.

2. SideWinder A Twist and Turn Adventure:

The SideWinder is a fast ride with turns, flips, and spins that resist gravity. A person must be at least 134 cm tall to ride this attraction. That it can fit up to 24 people makes it even more exciting. This makes it great for getting together with family and friends. Hold on tight, because you’re about to go through a maze of exciting moves that will make your heart race.

3. Sky Riders Soar Through the Skies:

If you could fly like a bird, was that your dream? That dream can come true with Sky Riders. Anyone taller than 105 cm can feel like they are flying, and up to 24 people can do it at once. You can fly through the air and enjoy this unique view of the park while taking in stunning views. The trip is exciting and gives tourists an experience they’ll never forget. 

4. Lightning Bolt A Shock of Excitement:

An exciting ride like Lightning Bolt is sure to get your heart racing. Please note that you must be at least 130 cm tall to take part in this exciting activity. This ride is all about high-speed thrills and turns you didn’t see coming. It can hold up to 24 people. Get ready to be amazed and thrilled as you go through this thrilling ride..

5. Space Jump Defy Gravity:

Space Jump is an attraction that lets you go against the force of gravity. It makes you feel like you’re flying and spinning in the air. More than 24 people can go on the trip, as long as they are at least 120 cm tall. As you fly through the air, you’ll feel like you have no weight and are completely free. Space Jump gives tourists a one-of-a-kind and thrilling ride.

6. Climbing Wall Reach New Heights:

Climbing Wall is the best choice for people who like to push their bodies. One must be at least 4 feet tall, and they can handle people who weigh between 30 and 100 kg. At the climbing wall, you can test your strength, speed, and climbing skills. As you finish this task and have a new kind of adventure, you’ll reach new heights.

7. Wild Wheel A Wild Spin:

The Wild Wheel is a spinning ride that two people can enjoy together. If you are at least 132 cm tall, you can ride this wild and fun attraction. Friends, get ready for a wild ride on the Wild Wheel that will make you laugh and have a great time. This is a one-of-a-kind, exciting ride for two.

8. Splashdown Get Ready to Get Wet:

Splashdown is a great way to cool off and have fun in the water. Individuals must be at least 134 cm tall to take part in this fun activity. This ride lets you and up to three friends cool off with a splash. With this activity, you can cool off in the shade and spice up your day at Adventure Island.

Note: These adult rides at Adventure Island offer a wide range of thrills, ensuring there’s something for everyone looking for an adventure packed day of fun.

Water Rides:

The water rides at Adventure Island are a great way to cool off on a hot day. You can splash and surf at Aqua Bump, Amazon Mist Forest, and other places. These are great for a fun and cool experience.

Adventure Island Water Rides Photos & Images

1. Aqua Bump Make a Splash:

You should ride Aqua Bump if you want to make a splash and have a great time in the water. As long as you’re at least 4 feet tall, almost anyone can join in the fun. Up to 150 people can enjoy this fun feature at the same time. Prepare for a thrilling water adventure that will make you laugh out loud and feel soaked with happiness.

2. Amazon Mist Forest  A Tropical Oasis:

You feel like you’re in a tropical paradise when you walk into the Amazon Mist Forest. It provides a green and cool setting where you can rest and relax. It’s nice and quiet to be in this misty forest. Whether you want to relax or find a quiet spot to get away.

3. SHA LA LA Join the Rain Dance:

Get ready to dance and celebrate in the rain at SHA LA LA! It’s a rain dance party where you can let loose and groove to the music. Join in the fun and feel the rhythm as you enjoy this unique and lively experience.

4. Splash Pool Dive In and Cool Off:

When the sun is scorching, the Splash Pool is your oasis. It’s the perfect place to cool off and have a splashing good time. Whether you want to swim, wade, or just relax by the water, this pool offers a refreshing break from the heat.

5. Splash Dunk Water Fun for All:

People who want some fun in the water with a twist should try Splash Dunk. It’s easy for many people to get to because you only need to be 90 cm tall. It’s great for friends and family because up to 4 people can ride together. You can enjoy the thrill of this one-of-a-kind water ride as you jump into the water.

6. Swan Boat A Serene Voyage:

Take a peaceful trip on the Swan Boat. The lowest person that can ride is 134 cm tall, and up to 10 people can fit. It’s a relaxing and beautiful boat ride. You can enjoy the peace and quiet as you sail across the lake with swan boats.

7. H2O The Water Experience:

H2O offers a unique water experience that is great for having fun and cooling off. Get ready to be wet with fun, and enjoy the cool splash that this ride gives you.

Kids & Family Rides:

Families and kids can enjoy Adventure Island’s many fun rides. Anyone can have fun, from kids on the swings to adults racing bumper cars.

Adventure Island Kids & Family Rides Photos & Images

1. Cyclone Spin into Fun:

Family and kids can spin into a world of fun on the Cyclone ride. As long as you are at least 90 cm tall, it’s easy for a lot of people to use. Get on Cyclone and enjoy the thrilling twists and turns it has to offer. This is a fun ride for kids and families who want to laugh a lot.

2. Air Pogo Bounce with Joy:

Air Pogo is all about bouncing with joy. The best part? There are no height criteria, so everyone can enjoy it. This ride can accommodate up to 20 people at a time, making it perfect for a lively group experience. Jump, bounce, and feel the happiness in the air on Air Pogo.

3. Wave Rocker Rock and Roll:

Wave Rocker is a rocking and rolling adventure that’s suitable for everyone. There are no height criteria, and it can carry up to 24 passengers. Experience the swaying motion as you rock back and forth on this enjoyable family ride. 

4. Kids Bumper Cars Bump and Laugh:

Fun and bumpy rides are what Kid’s Bumper Cars are all about. Kids of all ages can use it because the smallest height limit is 90134 cm. With two units per unit, the kids can have a great time bumping into each other in a safe and controlled setting. 

5. Bungee Trampoline Reach for the Skies:

You can reach for the sky on the bungee trampoline ride. There is no need to be a certain height to try; anyone can. This draw is for people who weigh between 2050 kg and 3000 kg. Feel the thrill of bouncing through the air like never before. 

6. Tiny TV Transit A Fun Journey:

Tiny TV Transit promises a fun and entertaining journey. With a capacity of 76 passengers, there’s room for everyone. Enjoy a delightful ride that’s perfect for families and kids of all ages.

7. Fire Brigade Heroic Adventure:

Fire Brigade is a brave action game where you can fight fires. It’s easy for many people to get there because you only need to be 90 cm tall. This ride can hold up to 24 people, so it’s great for having fun with a group. Come along with the rescue crew and enjoy the fun of this family-friendly journey.

Paid Attractions:

Adventure Island has many paid attractions that will make your trip even more fun. The Aqua Bump is exciting, and the Swan Boat is relaxing. All these things are well worth the money.


1. Aqua Bump Splashing Fun:

It’s all about having fun in the water at Aqua Bump. The lowest height needed to get in is 4 feet, so a lot of people can do it. Up to 150 people can enjoy this fun feature at the same time. Get ready for a wild, wet adventure that will make you laugh and get wet.

2. Carousel Classic MerryGoRound:

The Carousel is a classic merry-go-round ride that’s perfect for kids. To enjoy this enchanting experience, kids should be between 4 and 12 years old. The ride can carry up to 21 children, ensuring a delightful and memorable spin for the young ones.

Facilities at Adventure Island and Metro Walk:

Facilities at Adventure Island:

  1. Drinking Water: Stay hydrated with convenient access to drinking water throughout the park.
  2. First Aid: Your safety is a priority. First aid services are available to assist with any medical needs.
  3. ATM: Don’t worry about running out of cash; there’s an ATM onsite for your convenience.
  4. Parking: Leave your worries behind with ample parking space for your vehicle.
  5. Wheelchair for Hire: They cater to everyone, including those with functional needs. Wheelchairs are available for hire.
  6. Guest Briefing Area on Each Ride (Bull Pen): Get all the information you need before enjoying the rides.
  7. Separate Entry and Exit on Each Ride: Safety is essential, and each ride has a clearly marked entry and exit.
  8. PA System on Each Ride and in the Park: Keep up with news that will make your time in the park better.
  9. Lost and Found Help: In case you misplace something, our team is here to help you find it.
  10. Fire Safety Equipment and Well-Marked Assembly Area: They care about your safety and have clearly marked meeting spots in case of an emergency.
  11. Washrooms: Clean and accessible washrooms are available for your convenience.
  12. Safety and Security: At all entrance points and all over the park, there are safety and security steps in place.
  13. Route Maps on Display: Stay oriented with route maps displayed in various plazas.
  14. Shaded Seating: Take a break and relax in shaded seating areas throughout the park.
  15. Merchandise and Food Counters: Get food and easy-to-find gifts while you’re there.

Things to do at Metro Walk:

  1. Huge Ground Level Parking: They have plenty of room for over 1700 cars and 1000 motorcycles.
  2. Disabled Friendly Entrance/Exit: Ramps make it easy for people with disabilities to get in and out.
  3. Lifts and Escalators: Lifts and elevators make it easy to get around.
  4. Well-marked Emergency Exits and Assembly Area: They have clear exits and places to gather in case of an emergency.
  5. Fire Fighting Measures: Your safety is very important to them, and they have plans in place for how to handle any fires.
  6. Provision of Wheelchairs: They provide wheelchairs for those who need them.
  7. First Aid Facility: There is help with first aid and an ambulance that is well stocked.
  8. Washrooms in All Blocks: Clean and accessible washrooms are available in all areas.
  9. CCTV Coverage Round the Clock: For your safety, they have 24/7 CCTV coverage to maximize security.
  10. Public Address System: Keep up with news, such as how to find lost children and tips about danger.
  11. ATM: Access to cash is easy with an ATM onsite.
  12. Safety and Security: They care about your safety, so there are safety steps at all entrances and all over the store.
  13. Mall Directory: A mall guide makes it easy to find your way around while you’re shopping.
  14. 10 to 10 Helpline Number: Between 10 AM and 10 PM, you can call them for any help you need.
  15. Adequate Seating: Take a break and relax with ample seating available.
  16. Lost and Found Help: They can help you find something if you lose it.
  17. Regular Events and Attractions: Keep yourself busy with fun things to do and events all the time.
  18. Information Desk for assistance: You’ll find everything you need to know to have a fun and stress-free visit.

Safety Measures at Adventure Island:

  1. Certification Process: The German organization TUV has strict rules for certifying each ride, focused on safety and staff training.
  2. International Consultants: They’ve worked with experts from around the world to make sure that all our customers’ needs are met.
  3. Qualified Operators: These ride workers are properly trained and get re-certified on a frequent basis.
  4. Training Programs: Safety topics like how to evacuate, handle disasters, and put out fires are covered in regular training programs and ride drills.
  5. Daily Inspections: Every day, they check the structure stability, electrical links, pulleys, and belts.
  6. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Checks: Extra checks are done to ensure operational excellence.

Rules & Regulations at Adventure Island:

  1. Ticket Policy: Tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
  2. Operational Rides: Some rides may not be operational due to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Wristband Integrity: Do not tamper with wristbands; it may disqualify you from taking rides.
  4. Food and Alcohol: Outside food and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.
  5. Admission Rights: They reserve the right to deny admission or ask anyone to leave for noncompliance with our rules or unsafe behavior.
  6. No Alcohol or Weapons: Entry under the influence of alcohol and carrying weapons are not allowed.
  7. No Smoking: It is illegal to smoke inside the building.
  8. Health and Attire: Some rides may not be open to pregnant women, people with certain health problems, or people wearing certain clothes for safety reasons.
  9. Bag Policy: Bags and carry bags are not allowed inside Adventure Island.
  10. Belongings: Guests are responsible for their belongings.
  11. Entry Closing: You can’t get into Adventure Island an hour before the park shuts.
  12. Weather Closure: For the safety of park visitors, management may close the park when the weather is bad.
  13. Check Before Leaving: Make sure you have all your bands, tickets, and money before you leave the ticket desk.
  14. Entry Delay: Due to a lot of reservations or a heavy rush, management may stall or refuse entry.
  15. Combining Offers: You can’t mix and match deals.
  16. Management Discretion: The management’s decision is final in any dispute.
  17. ID Requirement: Make sure that all guests have a legal photo ID with them at all times.

Adventure Island Ticket Price & Entry Fee 2023

In 2023, Adventure Island will have fun things to do that are also cheap. Everyone can enjoy the fun and excitement because the ticket prices are the same for adults, kids, and older people. Please look at the price below:

CategoryTicket Price (Weekdays)Ticket Price (Weekends)
AdultsRs 500Rs 600
ChildRs 500Rs 600
Sr. CitizensRs 500Rs 600
*Note: Adventure Island’s 2023 ticket prices offer affordable access to thrilling adventures for all ages.

Adventure Island Rohini Address & Contact Information

Here’s the contact information for Adventure Island in table format:

Company NameAdventure Island Limited
AddressOpposite Rithala Metro Station, Sector-10, Rohini, New Delhi-110085
Phone (General Inquiries)+91-11-47041111
Phone (General Inquiries)+91-11-27573473
Email (General Inquiries)frontoffice@adventureisland.in
Official WebsiteAdventure Island Official Website

Group Bookings at Adventure Island Park:

Adventure Island welcomes group bookings, whether it’s for schools, corporate outings, or special occasions like birthdays. Enjoy special packages and create unforgettable memories with your group.


  • Add Excitement to Education: Adventure Island spices up the daily routine of students with thrilling rides. This ensures that they return home refreshed.
  • Safety Standards: They follow the safety standards set by the European Union.
  • Special Discounted Packages for Schools: You can ride as many foreign rides, water rides, rain dances, teacher’s lounges, and live DJs as you want.
  • Special Timings for School Groups: Make use of our park for various school events.
  • Minimum Group Size: Needs at least 50 people, and food from outside isn’t allowed.


  • Motivating Employees: Adventure Island has exciting events and trips for workers to keep them motivated.
  • Corporate Day Outs: Step away from routine work and energize your team for common goals.
  • Corporate Family Day Outs: Give your employees and their families a fun-filled day to remember as a reward.
  • Corporate Events and Promotions: Plan one-of-a-kind business events to stand out from the rest.
  • Team Building: Enhance teamwork through skill-building activities.
  • Corporate Client Day Outs: Strengthen client relationships with personalized events.
  • Extra Facilities: Food and drink plans, sound and music, private spaces, emcees, places to stay, magic shows, events that build skills, and more.


  • Memorable Celebrations: Adventure Island ensures that birthdays and special occasions are unforgettable.
  • Complete Party Packages: They set up cakes, return gifts, and a spread for lunch, snacks, and dinner.
  • Thrilling Options: Magic shows, bounce houses, games, puppet shows, and cartoon figures can add some excitement.
  • Other Occasions: Their services also include planning kitty parties, family get-togethers, weddings, goodbye parties, and parties for new students.

Contact Information for Birthday Booking and Promotions

Adventure Island has specialized connections for all your booking requirements. Give them a call for anything, including branding, school trips, business events, and birthdays. They can be of help! Please look at the numbers below:

DepartmentContact Person
School BookingMr. Pradeep: 8826627452
Birthday BookingMs. Archana: 9582921672
School BookingMs. Neetu: 8076253203
Kailash Joshi: 9899269772
Ms. Babita: 9717825958
AvailabilityCall between: 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM
*Note: Contact these numbers for all your Adventure Island bookings and promotions.

How to book Adventure Island Rohini tickets online?

Booking Adventure Island Rohini tickets is a breeze with these options:

  1. Online Booking: It is easy to book tickets online through the AIR website. You can get more information by clicking on this link: https://adventureisland.in/travel/.
  2. BookMyShow: You can also reserve your tickets through BookMyShow, whether you want to buy single seats or special deals.
  3. Direct Booking: You can reach the front desk by phone at +91-11-47041111 or by email at frontoffice@adventureisland.in to book your tickets.
  4. In-Person: If you prefer a visit, you can buy your tickets on-site.

To book tickets for Adventure Island in Delhi online, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit WebsiteAdventure Island’s official website
2. Date and Ticket TypeChoose visit date and ticket type
3. QuantitySelect the number of tickets
4. Confirm OrderReview your order in the shopping cart
5. Sign In/RegisterLog in or create a new account
6. PaymentEnter payment information securely
7. Read Park RulesFamiliarize yourself with park policies
*Note: Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready for your adventure at Adventure Island!

Bring your written ticket and any discount codes that work if you booked online. Remember to bring proof of who you are and your age, especially if you are a senior or a child who can get a discount. Please be aware that you cannot return or transfer tickets, and they become no longer valid if you mess with or change them. Additionally, kids up to the age of 17 can get lower prices by showing proper identification. Happy traveling!

Interesting Facts About Adventure Island:

  1. Bollywood Hub: There have been many Bollywood movies set on Adventure Island, such as “Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl,” “PK,” and “Pyar Ka Punchnama.”
  2. MAD Show: There is a great MAD Show (Music, Acrobatics, and Dance) at the park’s stadium. It has dances, magic tricks, musical performances, clown shows, and fire shows.
  3. Ownership: IAL (International Amusement Ltd) and UL (Unitech Ltd) both own Adventure Island.
  4. Planet Pogo: Together with Turner Network Television, the park has a special area called Planet Pogo. Which includes the MAD Theater, where you can see magic shows, dance acts, and meet life-sized cartoon figures.
  5. Metro Walk Concept: Forrec in Canada came up with the creative idea for the close Metro Walk.

Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Adventure Island:

  1. Special Group Packages: Group trips from schools and colleges get special deals and lower rates. These deals include endless rides, water rides, MAD Circus, a teacher’s room, and a live DJ.
  2. Green Lawns: Adventure Island lets people rent green areas for events with at least 30 guests, like Teacher’s Day, annual functions, birthday parties, wedding receptions, and more.
  3. Safety Standards: The park meets the safety standards of the European Union, so you can be sure that your visit will be safe.
  4. Corporate Bookings: Adventure Island is perfect for client trips, business outings, team building, events, and promotions. They offer extra services like emcees, music, team-building activities, and more.
  5. Kids’ Parties: Surprise kids on their birthdays with gifts, return gifts, games, magic shows, puppet shows, and entertainment with cartoon characters.
  6. Parking Facility: Adventure Island has a large, fenced-in parking lot with trained security guards that can hold up to 1,500 cars and 1,000 two-wheelers.
  7. Dress Appropriately: Since you can’t rent outfits, you might want to bring a towel and a change of clothes for the water rides.
  8. No Lockers: Since the park doesn’t have lockers, bring only the bare necessities and leave the expensive things at home. You can’t bring bags on rides.
  9. Height Restrictions: Kids shorter than 90 cm can go in for free, but they might not be able to ride all the rides.
  10. Wheelchair Access: Old people with physical limitations can use wheelchairs at the Metro Walk.

Adventure Island Timings:

The times that Adventure Island is open in 2023 are from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The ticket booths are open from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Have a great time! Please look at the following times:

Adventure Island ParkTimingsTicket Counter
Open Time11:00 AM10:30 AM
Closing Time07:00 PM06:00 PM

Places to Visit Near Adventure Island:

  1. Metro Walk: An open market next to Adventure Island where you can eat, shop, and have fun.
  2. Lagoon: A artificial lake where you can boat and ride on a Swan Boat.
  3. Japanese Park: A nearby park with gardens, play areas, and sports facilities.
  4. Bhalswa Golf Course: A golf course that is easy on the wallet and has lots of greenery.
  5. Pitampura District Park: A public park ideal for sports, picnics, and relaxation.

How to Reach Adventure Island:

  1. By Metro: You will find Adventure Island near to the Rithala Metro station, which is helpful. Which subway stop is closest? From anywhere in Delhi and the NCR (Northern Capital Region), it’s easy to get to the Red Line of the Delhi Metro as long as you change lines at the right times.
  2. By City Buses: Some bus lines, like ML-15 and 990A, can take you to Rithala Metro Station, which is only a short walk from Adventure Park.
  3. From the Airport: Adventure Island is about an hour’s drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is about 30 kilometers away. You can take either the Mahatma Gandhi Marg or the Outer Ring Road, both of which are nice roads. You can also book a private cab from one of Delhi’s reputable car rental companies.
  4. By Road: The National Highway, which links Delhi to northern towns like Panipat and Chandigarh, is a short drive from Adventure Island. Also, the border with Haryana is close by, making it easy to get there by car.

Adventure Island Video

Video Credit: Devanshu vlogs


Furthermore, Adventure Island in Rohini, Delhi, is not only a theme park, but also a world of fun, excitement, and adventure. Nobody is bored at Adventure Island. It has something for everyone, from people who love to shop to people who like adventure. You can make plans to visit this exciting place today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

FAQs About Adventure Island:

What are the park’s timings?

The park is open from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM. Timings may change based on weather conditions.

Is there a separate ticket for boating?

Yes, boating is not included in the regular park ticket and must be purchased separately.

Do you have adequate parking?

We offer a spacious, guarded ground-level parking area covering 3 acres, accommodating up to 1,500 cars and 1,000 two-wheelers.

Who owns Adventure Island?

Adventure Island is a joint venture between IAL (International Amusement Ltd).

Is there a water park?

While we’re planning a water park, They offer various water rides and water sports to keep you cool and entertained.

Should visitors bring a change of clothes?

It’s a good idea if you plan to enjoy water rides, but they don’t provide costumes.

Are lockers available?

They offer locker facilities for a fee, with a refund of a portion of the fee after use.

Why is there a height requirement for rides?

The height criteria are based on international safety standards to ensure rider safety.

Are rides often out of order?

Rides are temporarily put on hold for safety checks and only reopened after thorough maintenance.

Is there a ticket for kids?

Kids below 90 cm height have free entry; ticket prices are the same for adults and children.

How many rides are there, and for what age groups?

They have 23 rides, and entry depends on height, not age. Refer to our Rides & Attractions for details.

Do rides stop during rain?

Most rides are temporarily paused during rain for safety, but they resume once it stops.

Are there family packages?

No, but our multi-entry pass is ideal for families who visit us frequently.

What discount schemes are available?

Discounts are for groups of over 25 people; please contact our sales associates.

What are Adventure Island’s timings?

The park opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 07:00 PM, with flexible timings based on weather.

When can we purchase tickets?

The ticket counter opens one hour before the park’s opening and closes an hour before closing time.

What are Metro Walk’s timings?

Metro Walk retail area opens at 11:00 AM, with restaurants taking orders until 10:45 PM and shops closing at 09:00 PM.

What are the ticket charges for Adventure Island?

They offer two types of tickets: Rs 449 on weekdays and Rs 499 on weekends/gazetted days for unlimited access to rides and attractions (excluding paid ones).

Can tickets be booked online?

Yes, you can book tickets online.

Is there a water park?

A world-class water park is in the plans, but for now, you can enjoy our water rides and water play area.

Do you offer group discounts?

Discounts apply for groups of over 30 people. Contact our sales representatives for details.

Can we do pre-wedding shoots and music video shoots?

Yes, with prior permission and charges based on shoot hours. Contact our sales representatives.

Can I book your lawn for a function or corporate event?

Yes, They accept lawn bookings. Visit us or call 011-47041111 for details.

Are there facilities for school picnics?

Yes, They cater to school picnics with tailored packages. Visit our website’s Group Booking section or call our sales representatives.

Do you offer facilities for corporate day outs and events?

Yes, they provide a variety of options for corporate clients and customize packages to suit your needs. Refer to website’s Events section or call 011-47041111 to speak with our corporate sales representatives.

Do you have room facilities?

Adventure Island doesn’t have accommodations, but Hotel Crowne Plaza is nearby. Contact the hotel directly for stay information.

How do I reach Adventure Island?

Refer to our Google Maps link for directions. The nearest landmark is Rithala Metro Station, just 400 meters from our entry.

Can we bring outside food?

You can only bring baby food like milk bottles; outside eatables are not allowed as per government rules. Enjoy a variety of food and beverages inside the park.

Can we carry cameras?

Yes, but professional cameras are not allowed.

Is parking available?

Yes, they provide a large, multi-lane ground-level parking area with a capacity of over 2,000 cars and 1,500 two-wheelers.

Do you provide wheelchairs for older citizens or guests with support needs?

Wheelchairs are available at the retail area entry. A valid ID is required as security while issuing wheelchairs.

Can we make card payments inside the park and mall?

They accept major debit and credit cards for entry ticket payments. Most mall shops also accept card payments. An SBI ATM is available for cash withdrawals. However, card payments are not accepted inside the park; cash is the only payment method for food, beverages, add-on tickets, and merchandise.

Are there any discounts for older citizens?

They do not offer special tickets or discounts for older citizens.

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