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Connaught Place Delhi: Market, Photos, Timings & Metro 2023

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Connaught Place, also known as CP. It’s not just a place; Rather, it is an event that reflects the rich culture and business history of Delhi. In this section, we will show you the famous places around Connaught Place. Will talk about its past, sights, shopping areas, places to eat, and much more. Let’s dive right into Delhi!

Connaught Place, also known as Rajiv Chowk, is a busy area in the middle of New Delhi, India. It is also known as a “hub.” This busy place is a key hub for banking, business, and trade. But Connaught Place isn’t just for business. Shoppers, people who like to stay out late, and tourists all like to go there.

In this well-known area are the offices of many well-known Indian companies. It is also a hub for business because of this. But this place is not all work and no play. Connaught Place is also a popular place for shopping. There are shops and stores of many famous brands to suit everyone’s choice. When the sun goes down, Connaught Place comes to life with its busy nightlife. There are many restaurants, bars, and places to have fun, so there’s never a dull moment.

Connaught Place: A Historic Hub of New Delhi

Connaught Place is a beautiful part of New Delhi that has a lot of history. Lutyens’ Delhi built it as part of the construction. It is now a proud landmark building that shows the city’s long history of building styles. Robert Tor Russell, the famous builder, led the construction of it between 1929 and 1933.

Prince Arthur, the 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, was the inspiration for the name of the area. In 1995, they changed the name in honor of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) takes care of and improves Connaught Place because it is so important to them.

This makes sure it stays a busy and loved part of the city.

So, whether you’re a tourist or a local, Connaught Place has something for everyone. This makes it an important part of New Delhi’s ever-changing fabric.

History of Connaught Place

One cannot discuss Connaught Place without mentioning its architectural grandeur. The area has a circular design, resembling the Royal Crescent in Bath, England. It has a grand pillar, white facade, and Georgian-style architecture. Which enhances its timeless attraction.

In the early 1900s during the British Raj, they built Connaught Place. The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn named it. The renowned builder Edwin Lutyens created it and opened it to the public in 1933. The area was designed to be a place for business and fun, and it continues to excel in that regard.

Before they built Connaught Place, the area had a very different appearance. It was a hilly area covered with trees called kikar trees. Wild animals like jackals and wild pigs roamed around. People from places like Kashmere Gate and Civil Lines used to come here on weekends for bird hunting.

There was a Hanuman Temple in the area that was quite popular. People from the old walled city of Delhi come to this temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They had to return before sunset because they considered the return journey unsafe.

To build Connaught Place and the areas around it, they had to move towns like Madhoganj, Jaisingh Pura, and Raja Ka Bazaar. These towns used to be along the famous Qutub Road. Which connected the walled city of Delhi (now called Old Delhi) with the Qutub Minar in South Delhi. People from these towns were moved to a place called Karol Bagh, which was rocky and had only trees and bushes.

But a few individuals saved some important buildings from demolition. Some of these were the Jantar Mantar, the Hanuman Temple, and a Jain temple in Jaisinghpura. The builders transformed a hilly, wooded area into Connaught Place.

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Connaught Place’s Architectural Evolution:

When they first built Connaught Place, people considered it the central business district of India. But its architecture changed with time. The first architect to work on it was W.H. Were. Nicolas, who used European Renaissance and Classical styles. After he left India in 1917, Robert Tor Russell became the main architect.

The place was initially named after Prince Arthur, the 1st Duke of Connaught. He laid the foundation for the Council House, now known as Sansad Bhavan or Parliament House, during his 1921 visit. In 2013, they renamed it Rajiv Chowk in honor of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The design of the Inner Circle, Middle Circle, and Outer Circle with circular streets imitated the Royal Crescent in Bath, England. The first archway had to connect the blocks. But they changed the building to make it more grand.

Construction started in 1929, and by 1933, it was part of the bigger growth of New Delhi as India’s capital, along with famous buildings like Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Secretariat Building, Parliament House, and India Gate.

Connaught Place’s architectural journey mirrors the growth of New Delhi into the vibrant hub it is today.

Early History of Connaught Place:

Connaught Place, in its early days, was a trading hub. It housed traders like Ram Chandra & Sons, Novex, and Dhoomi Mal Gallery, dating back to the 1930s. The area was popular with Indian kings and princes. Who went to Connaught Place for the first time to buy expensive clothes and see a movie at the Regal Cinema.

Restaurants like Kwality and United Coffee House offered Continental and Mughlai cuisines. Wenger was a favorite of both British soldiers and Indian royalty. It was famous for its sweets and Swiss candies. On Janpath, where political talks for India’s freedom took place, they opened New Delhi’s first high-end hotel in 1931.

By 1938, people started living on the first floor of Connaught Place. After World War II and India’s freedom, the market grew quickly in the 1950s. It grew into the busy market we see today.

Connaught Place: Post-Independence Changes

Following India’s independence, Connaught Place underwent several noteworthy transformations. In the 1980s, a unique service called “Fatfat Seva” ran with Harley Davidson rickshaws. It used to take people to places like the Red Fort and Chandni Chowk before smog stopped it.

In the late 1970s, they built Palika Bazaar in the Inner Circle of Connaught Place. It was the city’s first basement market. It went all the way out to the Outer Circle and had an underground parking lot.

During this time, state emporiums opened up on Baba Karak Singh Marg, giving people more places to shop in the area. Jeevan Bharti Bhawan (also known as LIC Bhawan). Built by Charles Correa, it changed the skyline of Connaught Place in a big way. In 1986, people criticized it for its overly modern appearance. But as more buildings came up around it, it became a part of the changing landscape of Connaught Place.

Connaught Place Cinemas: A Golden Era

Regal Cinema in Connaught Place
Image Source: By Ekabhishek, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

CP is not only about shopping and dining; it’s also a cultural hub. The inner circle hosts various events, from street performances to art exhibitions. The ancient and well-known Regal Cinema shows both old and new movies. So it’s not like any other place to watch movies. When talkies came to Indian movies in 1931, Connaught Place became a popular place to go to the movies.

During the 1930s and 1940s, the square was home to four theaters: the Regal, the Rivoli, the Odeon, and the short-lived “Indian Talkie House.” The Regal was the first theater in the area. It opened in 1932 and showed everything from Western classical music to British plays. The Plaza (1940) and Odeon (1945) followed, enhancing the cinematic experience. Today, PVR Cinemas owns Plaza and Rivoli, and the Odeon is a joint effort between Reliance Big Pictures and PVR Cinemas. The end of an age of fun in Connaught Place, but people will not forget it.

Connaught Place Today: A Hub of Activity

Connaught Place, with its iconic circular layout and radial streets, is a major landmark in Delhi. The inner circle has eight roads. Which includes Parliament Street and Radial Road 1 to 7. The outer circle is officially known as Indira Chowk, also referred to as Connaught Circus. Twelve different roads emerge from here. Janpath, an extension of Radial Road 1, is a well-known thoroughfare.

Palika Bazaar, named after “nagarpalika,” is one of India’s oldest secret markets. It is in a planned area called “nagarpalika.” In the Outer Circle, there are rows of restaurants, shops, and hotels. In 2017, the Regal Building returned as India’s first Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. The Middle Circle houses offices, banks, exchange houses, PVR cinema, and dining establishments.

Central Park: A Cultural Hub

Connaught Place’s Central Park has a rich history of hosting cultural events and serving as a popular local hangout. The Delhi Metro station built beneath it prompted a renovation in 2005-06. Rajiv Chowk Metro station, one of the busiest in the network, connects the Yellow and Blue lines.

The central park area frequently hosts cultural events such as the Urdu Heritage Festival, One Billion Rising demonstrations, the Delhi Government’s Youth Festival, and Awam Ki Awaz (Voices of People) concerts, among others.

National Flag at Central Park

National Flag of India at Central Park, Connaught Place
Image Source: By harivyasi – Own work, CC0, Link

So, Connaught Place is a significant part of history. Because Padmashree Mir Mushtaq Ahmed, Delhi’s first Chief Executive Councilor, used to raise the national flag here on January 26 before freedom. On March 7, 2014, they unveiled the second-biggest Indian national flag. It was 90 feet by 60 feet and had a pole that was 207 feet long. Was lifted in Central Park. This shows that this area has always been connected to India’s long past and lively present. This demonstrates that the area has always had connections to India’s rich past and bustling present. 

Delhi Blasts: A Tragic Incident

During the 2008 Delhi bombings on September 13, 2008, two of the five bombs went off in Connaught Place. Trash cans exploding in and around Connaught Place injured ten people. This was a sad situation. Another bomb went off in Central Park, which was not far away.

Due to these events, the police in Delhi found two unexploded bombs, one of which was at the Regal Theater complex in Connaught Place. As a safety step, the officials got rid of all the trash cans in the area to stop any more threats and keep people safe.

Connaught Place Redevelopment: A Journey to Restore Heritage

Connaught Place had lost some of its past glory by the late 2020s, but it was still a busy market. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) started the “Return to Heritage Project” to bring this famous sign back to life. The plan called for signs that show respect for the area’s past, better roads and drains, better traffic control, street furniture, parking, and changes to the way buildings are built. For example, steps to keep them safe from earthquakes.

They were supposed to complete the project before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. But this led to delays and cost overruns, making things difficult for shopkeepers and store owners. But work began again after the games, and the new target is December 2012. By 2020, authorities will have fixed up all six blocks of Connaught Place to restore the area’s old beauty.

In January 2017, there was a plan to make the middle and inner rings a walking zone. This will promote eco-friendly transportation as well as help fix infrastructure problems.

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Connaught Place in Cinema: A Featured Film Location

Here’s the list of films that have featured Connaught Place as a location:

Movie TitleYear
Dil Se1998
Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi2003
Pyaar Ke Side Effects2006
3 Idiots2009
Delhi Belly2011
Ahista Ahista2006
Agent Vinod2012
Vicky Donor2012
Hate Story2011
Special 262013
A Wednesday2008
Rang De Basanti2006
2 States2014

Please note that the release year for “Agent Vinod” is not provided in the data.

Indian movies have featured Connaught Place extensively over the years because it is such a well-known place.

Explore the Brands of Connaught Place: Fashion and More

Connaught Place is a paradise for people who love shopping. There’s something for everyone, no matter how much money they have or what they like. You can buy trendy clothes in Janpath, electronic gadgets in Palika Bazaar, or high-end names in the Inner Circle. When you shop at CP, don’t forget to haggle! Explore Connaught Place shopping, where you’ll discover a vibrant blend of popular brands, local boutiques, and unique fashion experiences.

Popular Brands:

Here are some popular brands that have stores in Connaught Place. These are what they are:

Sr. NoBrandDescription
1United Colors Of BenettonVibrant European fashion.
2Van HeusenClassic men’s and women’s apparel.
3HidesignPremium leather accessories and bags.
4Louis PhilippeElegant menswear and formal attire.
5RaymondFine fabrics and tailored clothing.
6JockeyComfortable innerwear and loungewear.
7U.S Polo Assn.Casual American sportswear.
8SkechersTrendy footwear and sneakers.
9ZodiacMen’s shirts and accessories.
10BataAffordable footwear for all.
11WildcraftOutdoor gear and adventure equipment.
12H&MAffordable and trendy fashion.
13Levi’sIconic denim jeans and apparel.
14NikeAthletic footwear and sportswear.
15WoodlandRugged outdoor and adventure gear.
16AureliaWomen’s ethnic and fusion wear.
17WContemporary Indian women’s fashion.
18ANDStylish women’s clothing brand.
19Marks & SpencersBritish quality clothing and food.
20LenskartEyewear and eyeglasses retailer.
21Hush PuppiesComfortable and stylish shoes.
22CrocsIconic colorful clogs and footwear.
23Pepe JeansTrendy denim and casual wear.
24Da MilanoLuxury leather goods and accessories.
25Tommy HilfigerClassic American fashion brand.
26CantabilAffordable and stylish clothing.
27Allen SollyCasual and formal fashion for all Genders.
28BIBAEthnic wear for women.
29Jack & JonesStylish menswear and denim.
30Adidas OriginalsIconic sportswear and sneakers.
31FabIndiaTraditional Indian and ethnic clothing.
32SamsoniteQuality luggage and travel accessories.
33Numero UnoCasual wear and denim brand.
34LacosteClassic and sporty fashion.
35AjmalPerfumes and fragrances.
36SochEthnic wear for women.
37BaggitStylish handbags and accessories.
38BlackberryMen’s formal and business wear.
39HamleysFamous toy store with a wide range.

Local Brands:

Connaught Place also has shops that sell well-known local brands. Here are the names:

Sr. NoBrandDescription
1VansonLocal fashion and accessories.
2Silver PointSilver jewelry and accessories.
3OptionsFashion and apparel store.
4BalujasFootwear and shoe retailer.
5Suti Cotton ApparelsCotton clothing and apparel.
6Kip & KalfLocal clothing and fashion.
7Khanna FabricsFabrics and textile store.
8The HeelsWomen’s footwear and shoes.
9M.A. RamzanaLocal clothing and fashion.
10Ashok’sLocal fashion and accessories.
11GreenwaysLocal clothing and fashion.
12KalpanaWomen’s ethnic and fusion wear.
13Surya EnterprisesLocal fashion and accessories.
14MehrasonLocal clothing and fashion.

Connaught Place Shopping Market in Delhi:

Here’s a list of shopping markets in Connaught Place, Delhi:

  1. Connaught Place Market
  2. Old Delhi Shopping
  3. Palika Bazar
  4. Janpath
  5. Baba Kharak Singh Marg

These markets offer a diverse range of shopping experiences, from modern retail to traditional bazaars, making Connaught Place a shopper’s paradise in Delhi.

famous restaurants in Connaught Place:

Connaught Place has a lot of different and exciting places to eat. CP has everything, whether you want traditional Indian food or food from around the world. Your taste buds are in for a treat, with places to eat like the United Coffee House and hot street food like chaat.

These restaurants in Connaught Place offer a variety of cuisines and dining experiences, making it a great destination for food enthusiasts.

Leisure and Relaxation in Connaught Place

In the middle of all the noise and activity, Connaught Place has quiet green areas like Central Park where you can relax and get away from the busy city. Grab a book, go for a slow walk, or just sit back and enjoy the quiet.

Here’s a list of parks in Connaught Place, New Delhi:

  1. Central Park
  2. NDMC Park
  3. Palika Park
  4. Model Park
  5. Charkha Park
  6. Public Park
  7. Children Park
  8. Public Park
  9. Museum of Illusions

how to reach Connaught Place?

Connaught Place is easy to get to and well-connected. It is linked by the Delhi Metro, which makes it easy for both locals and tourists to get there. The nearest metro station to Cannuaghat Place is Rajiv Chowk. And because it is in the middle of CP, it is a big traffic hub. Here we have given some list of means of transport. Using this you can easily reach this place. These are as follows:

Transportation MethodRoutesDirections
By Bus104, 166, 272, 340, 450LSTL, 520, 703, 85EXT, EXPRESS-85AFor detailed bus route information
By TrainEMU 64091You can check the Train route for details.
By MetroBLUE, YELLOWCheck the Metro route for directions, and times.
Nearby Bus StationsSuper Bazar3 min walk
Statesman House8 min walk
Marina8 min walk
Scindia House / Kailash Bhavan9 min walk
Nearby Train StationsShivaji Bridge5 min walk
New Delhi13 min walk
Nearby Metro StationsJanpath9 min walk
Rajiv Chowk13 min walk

How to Reach Connaught Place by Bus?

The bus makes it easy to get to Connaught Place, which is in the middle of Delhi and has a lot of shops and restaurants. From different places in Delhi, you can find step-by-step routes and expected journey times below.

Bus Routes to Connaught Place:

Bus LineRoute
0AIRPORT (NS)I.S.B.T. Kashmere Gate – I.G.I. Airport Terminal 3
AIRPORT EXPRESS-4I.S.B.T. Kashmere Gate – I.G.I. Airport Terminal 3
012Kashmere Gate I.S.B.T. – Bawana J.J. Colony
19Jahangirpuri Terminal – New Delhi Railway Station Gate No.2
19Jahangirpuri Terminal – Nizamuddin Railway Station
19Jahangirpuri Terminal – Palika Kendra
19AJahangirpuri Terminal – Nizamuddin Railway Station
19APalika Kendra – Jahangirpuri Terminal
39ATri Nagar Jai Mata Market To Krishi Bhawan
044Kashmere Gate I.S.B.T. To Okhla Extension (Abdul Fazal Enclave)
73Anand Vihar I.S.B.T. – Shaheed Pawan Sahni Chowk (Hari Nagar)
73Anand Vihar I.S.B.T. – Tilak Nagar
RL-77New Delhi Railway Station Gate No.2 – Manglapuri Terminal
RL-77EXTNew Delhi Railway Station Gate No.2 – Dwarka Sector 19
85Punjabi Bagh Terminal – Anand Vihar I.S.B.T.
EXPRESS-85ARohini Sector-22 Terminal To Delhi Secretariat
85EXTDelhi Secretariat – West Enclave
85EXTShivaji Stadium Terminal – West Enclave
85EXTSaraswati Vihar Water Tank To Anand Vihar I.S.B.T.
85EXTAnand Vihar I.S.B.T. – West Enclave

This table format provides a structured view of various bus lines to Connaught Place in Delhi with their respective routes.

Starting PointTravel Time
Ashok Vihar, Delhi37 minutes
Shadipur Metro Station, Delhi29 minutes
Punjabi Bagh, Delhi23 minutes
DND Flyway, Dadri38 minutes
Subroto Park, Delhi49 minutes
Chirag Delhi Flyover Crossing, Delhi48 minutes
Hauz Khas Metro Station, Delhi42 minutes
South Extension 2, Delhi34 minutes
Mayur Vihar I, Delhi47 minutes
Essex Farms, Delhi39 minutes

Enjoy a convenient and scenic journey to Connaught Place via these bus routes, and immerse yourself in the charm of this bustling Delhi hub.

How to Reach Connaught Place by Metro?

To reach Connaught Place by Metro, you can take advantage of Delhi’s efficient metro system. Below are the travel times from various starting points:

Metro Routes to Connaught Place:

Starting PointTravel Time
Ashok Vihar, Delhi46 minutes
Shadipur Metro Station, Delhi22 minutes
Punjabi Bagh, Delhi57 minutes
DND Flyway, Dadri51 minutes
Subroto Park, Delhi32 minutes
Chirag Delhi Flyover Crossing, Delhi41 minutes
Hauz Khas Metro Station, Delhi31 minutes
South Extension 2, Delhi28 minutes
Mayur Vihar I, Delhi38 minutes
Essex Farms, Delhi36 minutes

The Delhi Metro is a quick and easy way to get to Connaught Place, so you can easily check out its many sights and shopping choices.

Connaught Place Photos & Images

Attractions and Nearby Areas in Connaught Place

Sr. NoAttraction
1Agrasen ki Baoli
2The Imperial
3National Philatelic Museum
4Madame Tussauds Delhi
5Jantar Mantar
6Nearby Areas
7Barakhamba Road and Kasturba Gandhi Marg
8Janpath and Baba Kharak Singh Marg
9Parliament Street
10New Delhi Railway Station
11Babar Road and Bengali Market

Connaught place timings:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10:30 AM9:30 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM9:30 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM7:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM9:30 PM
Friday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM10:00 PM
SundayClosed / Holiday

This table provides a clear view of Connaught Place’s opening and closing times throughout the week.


In conclusion, Connaught Place is more than just a place; it is a symbol of Delhi’s rich past and lively culture. It mixes old-world beauty with modern comforts in a way that makes it a must-see place. CP has something special for everyone, whether they love to shop, eat, or learn about other cultures.


What is Connaught Place famous for?

Connaught Place, also known as CP, is known for its many places to shop, eat, and have fun. It’s a popular place to go in Delhi because of its British buildings and busy vibe.

On which day CP is closed

On Sundays, Connaught Place closes, and most shops and businesses do not open on this day.

Where is Connaught Place metro station?

The nearest metro station to Connaught Place is Rajiv Chowk, which is in the inner circle of CP and is on both the yellow and blue lines.

Why is Connaught Place so expensive?

Connaught Place is generally more expensive than other parts of Delhi. Because it is in the center of the city and has many high-end shops, restaurants and companies.

How do you spend a day in CP?

Spend a day in CP by exploring its shops, enjoying a meal at one of the many restaurants, and taking in the architectural beauty. You can also visit nearby attractions like India Gate.

Is Rajiv Chowk and CP the same?

Yes, Rajiv Chowk is the official name of Connaught Place, known as Connaught Circus. The Home Ministry changed the name in September 1995.

Is CP good for shopping?

Yes, Connaught Place is good for shopping. It offers a wide range of shops, from high-end boutiques to traditional markets, where you can find clothing, jewelry, and more.

Why is Connaught Place called a circus?

In the architectural sense, Connaught Place is called a circus because it refers to a circular or oval area. They named it Connaught Circus because it converged twelve roads at this circular hub.

What is inside Connaught Place?

There are different blocks (A, B, C, etc.) and three circles (inner circle, outer circle, and middle circle) in Connaught Place. Inside these rings, there are many shops, bars, restaurants, and business buildings.

Is Connaught Place family-friendly?

Yes, Connaught Place is suitable for family outings, offering shopping, dining, and cultural attractions.

When is the best time to visit CP?

Evenings are the best time to experience Connaught Place’s enchanting atmosphere when it lights up.

Is there parking available in CP?

Yes, there’s parking, but it can get crowded during peak hours.

Can I find international brands in CP?

Yes, the inner circle has international brands and designer stores.

Are there historical sites nearby?

Yes, Jantar Mantar and India Gate are nearby, showcasing Delhi’s history and architecture.

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