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Gulmarg: History, Climate, Best Time, Hotels, and Skiing 2024

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In Kashmiri, the town of Gulmarg is also known as Gulmarag. It is in the middle of the Pir Panjal Range in the western Himalayas. It is a beautiful place to visit because of its stunning scenery and wide range of activities. Gulmarg, whose name comes from the Kashmiri phrase for “meadow of flowers,” has high mountains covered in snow, bright flowers, and clear lakes that live up to their name. In India, this lovely hill town is in the Baramulla area of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a popular place for tourists to visit and a famous place for skiers of all skill levels. Explore Gulmarg’s rich history, enchanting climate, ideal visiting times, top hotels, and thrilling skiing experiences in this comprehensive 2024 guide.

Gulmarg’s appeal goes beyond its natural beauty; it also has a lot of things to see. In Gulmarg, you can enjoy the exciting Gondola ride that gives you a view of the Pir Panjal range. Other attractions include the historic St. Mary’s Church and the lovely Khilanmarg. Fans of golf should go to the 18-hole Gulmarg Golf Course, which is one of the highest in India. You might want to know where Gulmarg is, how to get there from other cities, when the best time to go is, and what makes it so special. This guide will answer all of those questions and more. Gulmarg offers a unique experience in the breathtaking beauty of nature, no matter how much you’ve traveled before or if this is your first trip. 

Where is Gulmarg in which state?

The lovely town of Gulmarg is in the western part of the union state of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India. This place is about 25 miles (40 km) west of Srinagar and sits at an elevation of 8,500 feet (2,600 meters). It’s surrounded by beautiful scenery, and this spot invites tourists to enjoy its natural beauty and fun activities.

Unveiling the Charm and History of Gulmarg: A Meadow of Flowers

The name “Gulmarg” makes you think of the beauty of nature, and the area has a lot of history to offer. There are Persian words that come from this name: “Gul” means flowers and “Marg” means grass. This name perfectly describes this beautiful town. Yousuf Shah Chak, the last Chak king in the late 1600s, is said to have found it and changed its name to “Gulmarg.” Through the years, Gulmarg went from being a quiet field to a famous place for the British to escape the hot plains in the 1800s. Here is where the world’s highest golf course was built, and this is also where Gulmarg’s past as a ski area began in 1927, when a ski club opened.

Key Historical Moments and Influences:

  •  Yousuf Shah Chak’s discovery in the late 16th century.
  •  British civil servants adopted Gulmarg as a retreat in the 19th century.
  •  Establishment of three golf courses, including the world’s highest.
  •  British initiation of skiing with the establishment of a ski club in 1927.
  •  The role of Gulmarg during the invasion of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947.

When India got its freedom, Gulmarg became more important because it became the place where winter sports grew the most in India. Somebody named Rudolph Matt said that Gulmarg was a great place for winter sports in 1960. The Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering was set up in 1968 to teach people how to teach skiing. A lot of money was also spent to make Gulmarg a great place to ski. Insurgency in the 1990s made it harder for tourists to visit Gulmarg, but once things were back to normal, it got its reputation back. At first, the big cable car project had to be put on hold because of the unrest. But in 1998, work began on it again, and it is now one of the longest and highest ropeways in Asia.

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PostIndependence Transformation and Challenges:

  •  Establishment of the Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering in 1968.
  •  Investment of ₹30 million for the development of Gulmarg as a ski destination.
  •  Introduction of heliskiing in the mid1980s.
  •  Impact of militancy on tourism in the 1990s.
  •  Resumption and completion of the cable car project in the late 1990s.

Gulmarg is still changing. It is now home to the National Winter Games and has a Master Plan–2032 ready for future growth. The field of flowers is a great example of strength, and not just because it is ancient. What got through the tough times to become a top spot for nature fans and people seeking adventure?

Gulmarg’s Geological Marvels and Climate Wonders:

Gulmarg is a beautiful place to visit because it is in a cup-shaped valley in the Pir Panjal Range. It is also a natural and climate wonder. This town in the Himalayas is 2,650 meters (8,694 feet) above sea level and has a lot of different types of rocks. The soil is made up of Pleistocene moraines, glacial deposits, and lacustrine deposits. It covers a variety of rocks, such as shales, limestones, sandstones, and schists. In winter, the natural meadows are covered in snow. In spring and summer, plants like daisies, forget-me-nots, and buttercups make the fields look beautiful.

Geological Features and Skiing Haven:

  • Gulmarg lies in a cup-shaped valley in the Pir Panjal Range.
  • Soil composition includes glacial and lacustrine deposits, moraines of Pleistocene age.
  • Meadows covered in snow during winter, showcasing wildflowers in spring and summer.
  • Skiing and winter sports conducted on the slopes of Apharwat peak at 4,267 meters.

Also, the weather in Gulmarg is very interesting. The weather is wet and continental because it is so high up. When it snows a lot in the winter, the town looks beautiful. In the summer, the weather is mild. People who want to see different temperatures all year long like to visit in the summer because it is cool.

Climatic Wonders and Data Highlights:

Gulmarg boasts a diverse climate, with snowy winters and pleasant summers, making it a year-round destination for varied weather experiences.

Record high °C (°F)11.5 (52.7)11.4 (52.5)18.0 (64.4)23.6 (74.5)28.0 (82.4)29.4 (84.9)29.4 (84.9)27.6 (81.7)26.0 (78.8)23.4 (74.1)20.0 (68.0)15.8 (60.4)29.4 (84.9)
Mean daily maximum °C (°F)0.5 (32.9)1.3 (34.3)4.8 (40.6)10.3 (50.5)15.4 (59.7)19.5 (67.1)20.7 (69.3)20.6 (69.1)18.8 (65.8)14.1 (57.4)9.2 (48.6)4.4 (39.9)11.6 (52.9)
Mean daily minimum °C (°F)−7.7 (18.1)−6.6 (20.1)−2.8 (27.0)1.8 (35.2)6.1 (43.0)9.5 (49.1)11.9 (53.4)11.8 (53.2)8.5 (47.3)3.7 (38.7)−0.7 (30.7)−4.7 (23.5)2.6 (36.7)
Record low °C (°F)−19.8 (−3.6)−18.0 (−0.4)−14.8 (5.4)−8.7 (16.3)−3.2 (26.2)−3.9 (25.0)2.8 (37.0)2.7 (36.9)−2.8 (27.0)−6.5 (20.3)−10.0 (14.0)−14.0 (6.8)−19.8 (−3.6)
Average rainfall mm (inches)158.2 (6.23)223.5 (8.80)251.7 (9.91)168.6 (6.64)153.3 (6.04)103.7 (4.08)110.8 (4.36)93.1 (3.67)62.4 (2.46)50.3 (1.98)55.7 (2.19)103.8 (4.09)1,535 (60.43)
Average rainy days8.410.812.
Average relative humidity (%)72747266646373736459606667

Most of the people who live in Gulmarg are tourists or work in the tourism industry, which makes for an interesting population picture. The town had a population of 1,965 people at the 2011 census, and an amazing 99.24% of them could read and write. Permanent residents are a small group, which shows how mobile the population is.

Demographic Snapshot and Tourism Influence:

  • Total population of 1,965 with a limited number of permanent residents.
  • Male population at 1,957, contrasting with only eight females.
  • High literacy rate of 99.24%, surpassing the state average.
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Groups constitute a small percentage of the population.
  • Most residents are either tourists or engaged in the tourism industry.

What is the best time to visit Gulmarg?

In Gulmarg, the best time to go is from April to June, which is the high season. The weather is nice and easy for outdoor activities. Temperatures range from 15°C to 30°C, making it a cozy and enjoyable experience. The monsoons bring heavy rains from July to September, making it less likely to do things outside. The winter months are great for snow lovers because the scenery in Gulmarg looks beautiful when it’s cold (as low as -2°C).

When Does it Snow in Gulmarg?

Gulmarg is a paradise in the Western Himalayas that people can visit at any time of the year, as each season casts its own magical spell. Let’s find out what makes Gulmarg so magical in all four seasons:

1. Peak Season – March to June

Travel Seasons:

  • Oct to Mar: Winter – Glacial
  • Apr to Jun: Summer – Pleasant
  • Jul to Sep: Monsoon – Minimal rainfall

Gulmarg in Winter (Oct to Mar):

  • Temp: -4°C to 11°C
  • Weather: Winter from Oct, heavy snow Jan to mid-Feb.
  • Significance: Winter wonderland for skiing, snowboarding.
  • Why Visit Now: Live snowfall transforms the landscape.
  • Things to Know: Beware of snowstorms, pack woolens.

Gulmarg in Summer (Apr to Jun):

  • Temp: 13°C to 29°C
  • Weather: Pleasant for sightseeing, clear views.
  • Significance: Crystal-clear landscapes, vibrant flora.
  • Why Visit Now: Perfect climate for various activities.
  • Things to Know: Higher tourist activity, pack warm clothing.

2. Shoulder Season – Oct to Feb

Gulmarg in Monsoon (Jul to Sep):

  • Temp: 18°C to 35°C
  • Weather: Moderate showers, ideal for indoor exploration.
  • Significance: Witness hills bathed in rain’s magnificence.
  • Why Visit Now: Enchanting setting with affordable hotel deals.
  • Things to Know: Off-season advantages, subject to adventure sports availability.

In a Nutshell: Choose Your Gulmarg Bliss

No matter the season, Gulmarg offers a unique experience. Every season in Gulmarg is beautiful in its own way, from the icy beauty of winter to the bright blooms of summer to the mysterious beauty of the rain. Take the right things with you and let Gulmarg amaze you.

Discover the Charm of Gulmarg: A Traveler’s Guide

As the “heartland of winter sports in India,” Gulmarg has a stunning mix of natural beauty and exciting activities. Let’s look at the primary sights and activities that make Gulmarg a must-see place:

1. Gulmarg Gondola:

Gondola Ride in Gulmarg
Serene Gondola journey through Gulmarg’s snow-kissed landscapes

Take in the stunning views from the Gulmarg Gondola, which is one of the world’s tallest cable cars at 3,979 meters. You can get to the slopes of Mount Apharwat on a two-stage ropeway, which is a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience.

Tip: Capture the panoramic scenery for memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Alpather Lake:

Alpather Lake gulmarg
Image Credit: By Sahid Vaidya – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Enjoy the peace and quiet of Alpather Lake, a secret gem in the Himalayas. This lake is a peaceful place to get away. It is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and fields. Watch the strange sight of a frozen lake in the winter; it creates a magical atmosphere.

Fun Fact: Alpather Lake is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers alike.

3. Igloo Cafe and Igloo Restaurant:

Igloo Cafe and Igloo Restaurant in Gulmarg

The world’s biggest igloo cafe and a one-of-a-kind glass igloo restaurant are fun to visit. These creative places to eat offer a cozy atmosphere amidst the snowy scenery and can hold up to 40 people at a time.

Insider's Tip: Indulge in a warm beverage while surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Gulmarg.

4. Maharani Temple:

Maharani Temple Gulmarg
Image Credit: By Anurag Kuma – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The old Maharani Temple is both a holy site and an amazing piece of building that you should see. This building is for Shiva and Parvati. It stands on top of a hill and has a stunning view of Gulmarg that can be seen from anywhere.

Cultural Insight: Attend the "Arti" ceremony for a spiritual experience.

5. St Mary’s Church:

St Mary's Church at Gulmarg
Image Credit: By Rudolph.A.furtado – Own work, CC0, Link

Check out St. Mary’s Church, which was built in 1902 when Britain was in charge and has a Victorian style. It was fixed up and opened again in 2003. The snowy background makes its gray bricks and green roof stand out, making for a pretty sight.

Must-See: Witness the church illuminated with strings of lights during the night.

6. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve:

Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary
Image Credit: By Tanujdogra – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is a haven for nature lovers with its wide range of plants and animals. Wildlife like hangul, serow, and bears can be seen in the beautiful forests that cover 180 square kilometers.

Nature Lover's Paradise: Ideal for wildlife photographers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Every corner in Gulmarg tells a new story of excitement and beauty. This mountain town has something for every kind of tourist, whether they love skiing, nature, or history. Plan your trip to this beautiful place and make experiences that will last a lifetime.

15 Exciting Things to Do in Gulmarg in December

If you are a snow and adventure enthusiast, Gulmarg in December is a dream come true! Here are 15 delightful activities for Snow activities in Gulmarg to make your winter visit unforgettable:

  1. Skiing: Glide down the snow-covered slopes and experience the thrill of skiing.
  2. Ice Skating: Lace up your skates and dance on the frozen lakes for a magical experience.
  3. Trekking: Explore the winter wonderland with picturesque trekking trails.
  4. Golfing: Tee off surrounded by snow-clad mountains at the world’s highest golf course.
  5. Pony Riding: Take a charming pony ride through snow-covered meadows.
  6. Winter Sports Festival: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Winter Sports Festival atmosphere.
  7. Baba Reshi Shrine: Seek blessings at the serene Baba Reshi Shrine for a spiritual touch.
  8. St. Mary’s Church: Visit the beautiful St. Mary’s Church for a peaceful and scenic retreat.
  9. Alpather Lake: Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Alpather Lake amidst snow-covered landscapes.
  10. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve: Capture Instagram-worthy moments at the picturesque Biosphere Reserve.
  11. Gondola Chair Car Ride: Soar above the snow-capped mountains with an exhilarating Gondola ride.
  12. Snow Photography: Capture the serene beauty of Gulmarg with enchanting snow photography.
  13. Winter Wonderland Walk: Take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting winter wonderland of Gulmarg.
  14. Hot Chocolate Moments: Warm up with hot chocolate as you enjoy the chilly weather.
  15. Cozy Bonfires: Wrap up your day with cozy bonfires and tales under the starlit sky.

Gulmarg in December is a magical destination that promises adventure, serenity, and unforgettable memories. Embrace the beauty of the snowclad mountains and make your holiday journey truly special.

Choosing Between Gulmarg and Sonmarg: A Snapshot

It’s up to you whether you want to visit Gulmarg or Sonmarg in the Kashmir Valley. Pick the one that fits your tastes and gives you the experience you want. There are lots of fun things to do outside in Gulmarg, and the infrastructure is very well developed. It’s also very beautiful. If you want to get away from it all, Sonmarg is a good choice. It has pure nature, fewer people, and a focus on hikes through mountains with views of the Alps.

Key Differences Gulmarg and Sonmarg:


Gulmarg snow view
  • Snow-covered vistas and lush green meadows.
  • Diverse adventure sports: trekking, skiing, snowboarding.
  • Breathtaking views from the Gulmarg Gondola.
  • Improved tourism infrastructure with accommodations and eateries.
  • More accessible and closer compared to Sonmarg.


Sonmarg valley
  • Pristine natural beauty with glaciers and alpine scenery.
  • Quieter and more serene atmosphere compared to Gulmarg.
  • Ideal for hiking enthusiasts with picturesque routes, including Thajiwas Glacier.
  • Potentially colder temperatures due to higher elevation.
  • Starting point for the renowned Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage.
Summer AttractionLush green meadows with vibrant summer views.Stunning landscapes, glaciers, and pristine lakes for trekkers.
Adventure and InfrastructureAdventure sports hub with developed facilities.Quieter, serene, and excellent for trekking.
Winter ComparisonBetter facilities, activities, and connectivity in winter.Offers a unique winter experience.
Final VerdictAdventure, infrastructure, and vibrant meadows.Serenity, pristine landscapes, and trekking focus.
Personal ChoiceAdventure Seeker: Choose Gulmarg for diverse activities.Nature Lover: Opt for Sonmarg for tranquil landscapes.
Note: This table provides Compare Gulmarg and Sonmarg: summer attractions, adventure, winter experiences, and preferences.

Which one you choose between Gulmarg and Sonmarg depends on your personal tastes. Gulmarg is the place to go if you want excitement, good facilities, natural beauty, and things to do. Sonmarg, on the other hand, is the best place to climb and rest in a natural, beautiful setting. What are you interested in? If you have time, try to see both Gulmarg and Sonmarg to get a full picture of the natural beauty of the Kashmir Valley.

How to Reach Gulmarg: Your Easy Guide

The Srinagar Airport is only 56 km away, making it easy to get to Gulmarg. For an easy trip to Gulmarg, get a pre-paid taxi or share a taxi that is ready outside the airport. From the airport, it’s easy to get to big cities in India like Delhi, Amritsar, and Mumbai with flights from GoAir, Go Business, IndiGo, Air India, and Jet Airways.

From Delhi to Gulmarg:

Taking a trip to Srinagar International Airport and then a taxi to Gulmarg is the fastest way to get from Delhi to Gulmarg. It takes about 4 hours to make this trip, which is quick and comfy.

Pro Tip: Booking a flight to Srinagar and arranging a cab is the recommended option for a hassle-free journey.

By Train to Gulmarg:

You can get to Jammu Tawi railway station, which is about 290 kilometers away, but there are no direct trains to Gulmarg. You can easily get from the train station in Jammu to the road station in Gulmarg by hiring a taxi.

Insider's Insight: Jammu Tawi station serves as a convenient gateway to embark on your Gulmarg adventure.

From Jammu to Gulmarg:

A plane is the fastest way to get from Jammu to Gulmarg. It only takes one hour and forty-six minutes to fly from Jammu to Srinagar International Airport, making it a quick and easy choice.

Travel Hack: Opt for a flight to enjoy a seamless journey from Jammu to the enchanting landscapes of Gulmarg.

From Mumbai to Gulmarg:

If you are starting your trip in Mumbai, the cheapest way to get to Amritsar Junction is to take a train. Next, take a plane to Srinagar International Airport. Finally, take a taxi to Gulmarg to finish your trip.

Quick Tip: Flying from Mumbai to Jammu Airport and then to Srinagar offers a faster alternative.

From Delhi by Train to Gulmarg:

If you want a train ride with beautiful views, go from New Delhi to Pathankot or Gurdaspur. After getting to the train stop of your choice, hire a private taxi to take you the last few miles to Gulmarg.

Local Insight: Opting for a train journey allows you to enjoy the picturesque landscapes en route to your destination.

You are welcome to explore Gulmarg, which is incredibly beautiful. Your trip to Gulmarg will be an amazing experience whether you choose the speed of a plane or the charm of a train.

Gulmarg’s Delightful Food

Gulmarg is a great place for foodies because it has a wide range of delicious traditional Kashmiri foods. As you visit different parts of Gulmarg, don’t forget to enjoy these delicious foods:

Must-Try Kashmiri Dishes:

Kashmiri Dishes at Gulmarg
  1. Mutton Rogan Josh: This Mughal-style dish with soft mutton is a favorite in Gulmarg’s restaurants. It’s full of great flavors.
  2. Mutton Gushtaba: This dish, which shows off Kashmir’s rich cooking history, is a must-try for mutton fans.
  3. Dum Olav (Aloo): Enjoy this dish of potatoes cooked in yogurt gravy and topped with Kashmiri spices. It goes well with flatbread or naan.
  4. Modur Pulao: Adding ghee, milk, dry fruits, and spices to sweet rice gives it a unique and delicious flavor.
  5. Yakhni, Kashmiri Tujj, Nader Monje, Kahwah, Tabakh Maaz: Check out these area dishes that will add new tastes to your food trip.
Pro Tip: Don't miss the aromatic Kashmiri tea, Kahwah, to complement your meal.

Shopping Delights in Gulmarg

While wandering through the charming places in Gulmarg, indulge in some souvenir shopping. Here are the treasures you can bring back:

Souvenirs to Grab:

  1. Pashmina Shawls and Wraps: Feel the warmth and style of real Pashmina, which makes it a great gift for family and friends.
  2. Winter Clothes: Explore local shops for a variety of winter wear, keeping you snug during your Gulmarg visit.
  3. Silk Carpets: Add a touch of Kashmiri craftsmanship to your home with intricately woven silk carpets.
  4. Kashmiri Pherans: Wear native Kashmiri Pherans, which are stylish and comfy, to fit in with the local style.
  5. Wooden Knick-Knacks, Papier-Mâché Collectibles, Stone Jewelry: Find one-of-a-kind items that show off Gulmarg’s rich cultural history.
Local Insight: As a way to remember your trip to Gulmarg, choose homemade and traditional things that were made by locals.

Places to Explore Near Gulmarg

Gulmarg is surrounded by enchanting destinations offering diverse experiences. Here are some top attractions around Gulmarg:

  1. Srinagar (51 km): Check out the capital city’s lovely lakes and parks from the Mughal era. On Dal Lake, houseboats add to the city’s charm.
  2. Pahalgam (98 km): Trekking, white-water kayaking, and beautiful scenery can all be found near the Lidder River and Sheshnag Lake.
  3. Anantnag (107 km): Visit old buildings like the Martand Sun Temple and enjoy the natural beauty of places like the Aharbal Waterfall and Kokernag Spring.
  4. Baramulla (35 km): Explore nature sights like Manasbal Lake and Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary, as well as the historic Dastgeer Sahib Shrine.
  5. Kupwara (74 km): Experience the serene beauty, apple orchards, and hiking opportunities in this picturesque town.
Adventure Awaits: Each place close to Gulmarg has its own mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. Figure out what you want to do and enjoy your trip!

where to stay in gulmarg?

Looking for a memorable stay in Gulmarg? Explore various accommodation options, including homestays in Gulmarg, luxury hotels, the cheapest hotels, and exquisite 5-star hotels. Discover the charm of The Vintage Gulmarg, Hotel Hilltop, and more. Whether you seek a cozy homestay or a lavish 5-star experience, Gulmarg has it all.

List of Hotels in Gulmarg:

  1. The Vintage Gulmarg
  2. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa
  3. Grand Mumtaz Resorts Gulmarg
  4. Hotel Hilltop
  5. Kolahoi Green Heights Gulmarg
  6. The Gulmarg Gateway Resort
  7. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa
  8. Hotel Royal Castle
  9. JKTDC Huts Gulmarg
  10. Hotel Heevan Retreat

Experience comfort and luxury at these Gulmarg retreats. Whether you’re on a budget or seeking opulence, find the perfect stay for your Gulmarg adventure. Discover homely atmospheres, breathtaking views, and world-class amenities for an unforgettable getaway.

Video Credit: Travel Tracker


Finally, Gulmarg, which is in the beautiful Pir Panjal Range, is a wonderful place for wildlife and adventure fans. Gulmarg has a lot to offer, from its long past and amazing natural features to its delicious food and nearby sites. When you’re in Gulmarg, every moment is a trip into the heart of beauty and culture.


Which month is best for skiing in Gulmarg?

Our recommended time for skiing in Gulmarg is from the 3rd week of January to late February.

Which is the best season to visit Gulmarg?

April to June is the peak season for exploring Gulmarg. The weather is pleasant, cozy, and perfect for outdoor activities.

Which month is ice in Gulmarg?

Winter months in Gulmarg are from November to December. Expect cold temperatures and the possibility of snowfall during this time.

What is the cost of skiing in Gulmarg?

Skiing costs in Gulmarg start at ₹400 per hour for Leisure Ski Guide. For advanced ski guides, the cost is ₹3000 per day. Snowboarding costs ₹750 for a full day and ₹400 for half a day.

What is Gulmarg famous for?

Gulmarg is renowned for its scenic beauty, with the Himalayan Mountains as a backdrop. The Gulmarg Gondola, the Highest Cable Car in the world, is a major attraction.

What is the specialty of Gulmarg?

Gulmarg boasts the world’s highest golf course at an altitude of 2,650 meters. Started in 1911 by the British, Gulmarg hosts an annual three-day Winter Festival in March.

How is the climate in Gulmarg today?

Today, the temperature is expected to hover around 1°C. The wind speed is approximately 1.34, with gusts of 1.82 at 211 degrees. Sunrise is around 07:30 AM, and sunset is at 05:24 PM.

Is it safe to visit Gulmarg now?

Tourist areas like Srinagar Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, or Sonmarg are generally safe. Rare incidents of stone-pelting or violence occur in main tourist spots. Tourists are considered safe in Kashmir.

How many days do you need in Gulmarg?

A Gulmarg tour typically requires at least two days to enjoy various adventure activities and attractions in the area.

How to reach Gulmarg from Delhi by train?

Board a train from NDLS to Pathankot after reaching NDLS Railway station. Once at Pathankot, hire a private cab to Gulmarg, approximately 416 kms from there.

Which railway station is near Gulmarg?

The nearest railway station to Gulmarg is Jammu railway station, located 290 km away. You can take a bus from Jammu to Srinagar or hire a cab directly to Gulmarg.

How to reach Gulmarg from Hyderabad?

The 1897 km journey from Hyderabad to Gulmarg can be covered by a 41h 43m train and taxi ride (₹6,000 – ₹11,000) or a 3h 10m direct flight from Hyderabad Airport to Srinagar Airport.

How to reach Gulmarg from Chennai?

The economical option is a 58h 19m journey by train to New Delhi, bus to Pathankot, and cab to Gulmarg. The fastest route is a 9h 20m trip with flights from Chennai to Indira Gandhi International Airport, then to Srinagar International Airport, followed by a cab to Gulmarg.

How to travel from Srinagar to Gulmarg?

Cover the 51 km from Srinagar to Gulmarg by taking a local bus to Tangmarg market and then hiring a mini coach or jeep, completing the journey in approximately one hour and twelve minutes.

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