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Buddha Statue Worth 12.5 Crore Stolen from LA Gallery

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Someone stole a Japanese bronze Buddha statue worth $1.5 million (about Rs 12.5 crore) from the Barakat Gallery in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles. This was a strange and brave crime. This amazing treasure goes back to Japan’s Edo Period (1603โ€“1867). It weighs 250 pounds (114 kg) and stands about 4 feet tall. The CCTV captured the theft, and the police are surprised that a single person managed to pull it off.

The Heist Unveiled

At 3:45 a.m. on September 18, the shocking theft happened. The thief then broke through the gallery’s yard gate and used a dolly to move the heavy statue to a truck that was waiting. Surprisingly, the whole theft was done in only 25 minutes. This is what the thief did, according to the video. The police were shocked when they witnessed this brave act.

A Priceless Relic

The stolen Buddha statue is not just an expensive piece of art. Rather, it is also important from the point of view of history and religion. It is a sitting Buddha with a cloud on top. People think it may have been the center of a temple in the past. The gallery website describes it as a colossal bronze sculpture that would likely enhance the interior of a temple and provide spiritual comfort to weary travelers. The unique “Six Elements Mudra” on the picture shows how the five elements of the physical world are related to mental understanding.

Gallery Owner’s Reaction

Fayez Barakat, the store owner, felt shocked and upset about the theft. The stolen Buddha was a prized possession that the gallery was happy to show off to everyone in its open space. The thief planned the theft because the statue was outside. Paul Henderson, the head of the store, agreed with this and stressed that it’s likely the only piece of art like it on the market. Someone made a hollow cast bronze statue that stood 4 feet tall. It was a one-of-a-kind piece. Mr. Barakat and Mr. Henderson both felt surprised and upset that someone could take away such a valuable and unique piece in this manner. They also said that the thief would have difficulty selling the idol to whoever stole it.

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Investigation Underway

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the story. More people are looking for security camera footage that might show who took the statue and where it is. The art world and the rest of the community can’t wait to hear more about this strange and daring theft.


When someone stole an old Buddha statue from the Barakat Gallery in Los Angeles, it shocked the art world. The brazen thief, caught on CCTV, makes us wonder about the safety and value of things. How far are thieves willing to go to get them? In the ongoing search, art fans and officials still hope to find this valuable gem, which holds not only significant monetary worth but also carries cultural and spiritual value, safely.


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