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Garden of Five Senses Delhi: Photos, Events, Timings & Ticket Price 2024

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About of Garden of Five Senses:

The Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is a beautiful place near the Mehrauli Heritage area. It is a hidden gem created by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC). This unique public park, which opened in February 2004, has 20 acres of lush greenery and shows how well nature, art, and culture can work together.

It’s a nice place to get away from the busy city. It has different parts that show different parts of nature’s beauty. The Khas Bhag area is like a Mughal-style garden in that it has calm bodies of water, pavilions, and a rich variety of plants. The Colour Gardens are full of all kinds of colours, making them a feast for the eyes. The Herb Garden has plants that smell good and are good for you, and the birds chirping are like music.

One notable feature is the active food court, where they serve traditional Indian dishes. There are sculptures and art installations all over the park, which adds to its beauty.

Garden of Five Senses: Where Nature, Art, and Culture Unite

The Garden is a great place to take a stroll, but it also has many cultural events and festivals throughout the year. One of the most popular is the Garden Festival. Families with kids can enjoy the Kids Zone, which is a place where kids can play and explore in a safe and fun way.

The Garden of Five Senses is more than just a garden; it’s a place where nature, art, and culture come together in a way that works well. It’s a place where people can go to get away from the noise and pollution of the city and find peace and a rich cultural experience. This Garden is a unique and unforgettable place to visit, whether you want a quiet place to relax or a deep dive into Delhi’s culture.

What’s the Story Behind the Name “Garden of Five Senses”?

The name “Garden of Five Senses” says everything about what it is for. The creators of this unique garden designed it to appeal to all five of your senses.

As you walk through the garden, you’ll come across modern works of art and sculptures carved out of rocks that invite you to touch and feel them. You will enjoy all the bright colors scattered around with your eyes.

There are many different kinds of fragrant flowers in the garden. Their wonderful smells will wake up your sense of smell. You can also listen to the sounds of nature, which are relaxing and good for your hearing.

And if you want some tasty treats, the food court is ready to please your taste buds.

This garden gets you to talk to other people and look around by calming and balancing your five senses. It’s a place where you can unwind and enjoy a lot of different things.

Architectural Marvels at the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi

The Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is made so that the building, natural elements, and artistic design all fit together well. This 20-acre public park is a one-of-a-kind place near the Mehrauli Heritage Area. It has a unique mix of Garden of Five Senses architecture that makes the experience more interesting for visitors.

  1. How Mughal Garden changed: One of the most important styles of architecture in the Garden comes from the Mughal Gardens. The Khas Bhag area is a good place to see this effect. Here you’ll find water features, elegant pavilions, and a wide range of plants that are reminiscent of the grandeur of Mughal garden design.
  2. In Colour Gardens: The Colour Gardens are another great piece of architecture. They are a well-planned explosion of colours. They plant flowers of different colors in geometric patterns, creating a beautiful sight. This arrangement of buildings makes the garden look like a colourful painting of nature’s colours.
  3. The Herb Garden: The Herb Garden shows how fragrant and useful plants can be arranged architecturally. The careful arrangement of these plants not only makes the area look nicer but also gives visitors a chance to smell and learn about the plants.
  4. The sculptures and installations: In the garden, you’ll find sculptures and other works of art in different places. These architectural features add depth and personality to the landscape. They create points of interest and make the garden as a whole feel better.
  5. In the Food Court: Even though it’s not usually thought of as architecture, the food court in the garden is made to fit in with its natural surroundings. It gives people a comfortable and welcoming place to eat traditional Indian food, which adds to the experience as a whole.

The architecture of the Garden of Five Senses is a big part of what makes it such a great place for all the senses. It has a lot of different styles and a well-thought-out layout. It combines the beauty of nature with art in a way that makes sure visitors not only enjoy what they see but also have a full sensory experience.

Video Credit: Maya Sharma

Location and Getting There:

The Garden of Five Senses is in the town of Saidul Ajaib, which is close to Saket. It is easy to get to from many parts of Delhi. It is near the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road, making it easy for people and tourists to get to. In the summer, the park is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and in the winter, it is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., so there is plenty of time to see all it has to offer.

An experience of the senses:

As the name says, this park is meant to stimulate your sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. It’s a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and do different things with it.

  1. Sightseeing: Look at the bright water lilies in the pools and walk through the bamboo courts to get to a peaceful place.
  2. Smell: Stroll through herb fields, where the smells of the herbs and plants fill the air.
  3. Touch: Feel how rough the rocks are and how smooth the bamboo is. This park invites people to touch and feel things.
  4. Taste: The Garden of Five Senses isn’t just a great place to look and smell; it’s also a great place to eat and drink, with restaurants and bars.
  5. Hearing: Listen to the sounds of nature, like the leaves moving and the birds singing. Cultural events and gatherings give the atmosphere a nice flow.

A Place for Culture:

This Garden isn’t just a place for nature; it’s also a lively centre of culture. The Garden hosts many cultural events and gatherings throughout the year. There is always something fun going on here. The Garden Tourism Festival in February, food festivals, melas, Dandiya festivals, and other events make sure of that.

The garden invites us to get in touch with nature. It is a major cultural centre in the city, and it hosts a wide range of events all year long. The Garden of Five Senses is one of the main city’s most important cultural spots. It’s a place where events happen all through the year. In February, there is a special Garden Tourism Festival. At different times, there are also food festivals, different types of fairs, a Dandiya festival, and many other cultural events. It’s a centre of art and fun!

Garden of Five Senses Flower Show 2024

Garden of Five Senses Flower Show 2023
Vibrant Blooms

After a long, cold winter, there is nothing better than the first day of spring. The air is not too cold, the trees are getting new leaves, and there are flowers everywhere. Every year at the start of this season, the Garden Tourism Festival is held in the city by the Delhi Tourism Department.

A Three-Day Extravaganza

The festival is a three-day-long affair with several activities planned for visitors. Here, you can see about 300 different kinds of plants and flowers from all over the world. Along with this, several other cultural programs will take place during the festival. Here is all you need to know about the Garden Tourism Festival 2024.

Key Details for Garden Tourism Flower Festival 2024

  • Inauguration: The Garden Tourism Festival was first started in the capital in 2004. Back then, Mrs. Sheila Dixit, who had been Chief Minister, opened the first one at the Garden of Five Senses. This event will be held for the 35th time in 2024. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia will open it.
  • Festival Dates and Transportation: The event starts on February 17 and will go on till February 19. Leading farms, gardening and floriculture groups, sellers of seeds and fertilizer, and producers of horticultural tools will all be at the event. The Delhi Tourism Department has also set up a free bus service from Saket Metro Station (T-Point) to the event site and back.
  • Floral Extravaganza: Roses, hibiscus, protea, Arabica coffee from the US, UK, and South Africa, and lotus flowers from the area will also be in the Said-ul-Azaib village yard. This garden will have lilies from Italy, iris from France, maple leaves from Canada, chamomile from Russia, cornflowers from Germany, tulips from Turkey, and more.
  • The Theme: “Garden of Unity”: The Garden of Five Senses in Said-ul-Ajaib town, near Saket Metro Station, will host the “35th Garden Tourism Festival” until February 19, 2024. They organize this event every year, and it has been ongoing for almost 30 years. It shows off a wide range of plants and animals, which makes garden lovers happy. This year’s theme is “Garden of Unity.” This is because India will be in charge of the “G-20” from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2024. The 20-acre area is a place where people can relax and enjoy the green grass and beautiful flowers.

Food and Craft Outlets:

In 2005, Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation Limited made a deal with the Garden of Five Senses to run 31 food and art shops for money. This means the park has restaurants and bars where people can eat delicious food and drink.

Best Restaurant in Garden of the Five Senses: A Culinary Journey

When it comes to dining amidst the lush beauty of the Garden of the Five Senses in Delhi, you’re in for a treat. Find out where nature meets great food at the Best Restaurant in Garden of the Five Senses. These restaurants in Delhi’s green paradise provide wonderful meals and offer unique experiences.

  1. Fio Country Kitchen & Bar: At Fio Country Kitchen & Bar, you can enjoy a mix of delicious foods and good drinks.
  2. Soho Bistro & Cafe: For a cozy and relaxing meal, Soho Bistro & Cafe is the perfect spot.
  3. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters: Coffee lovers will love Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters’ handcrafted drinks.
  4. Rose Cafe: Enjoy a romantic ambiance and scrumptious European-inspired dishes at Rose Cafe.
  5. Jugmug Thela: Quench your thirst with refreshing beverages and snacks at Jugmug Thela.
  6. Pho King: Delight in the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine at Pho King.
  7. The Rose Cafe: A second option for those who appreciate the charm of The Rose Cafe.
  8. Bean Sahab & Co.: A haven for coffee lovers with a wide range of coffee options at Bean Sahab & Co.
  9. The Nerdy Indian Cafe: At The Nerdy Indian Cafe, you can enjoy a mix of creativity and delicious food.
  10. Foresta Bistro & Cafe: Relish nature-inspired dishes in a serene setting at Foresta Bistro & Cafe.
  11. Cafe 147: Unwind and savor delicious bites at Cafe 147.
  12. Big Box Cafe: Enjoy a casual meal with friends and family at Big Box Cafe.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dine in this enchanting setting. Book a place at one of these restaurants in the Garden of the Five Senses and enjoy a unique meal surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The Arch of Labná:

In the Garden of Five Senses, a copy of the Labná Arch in Yucatán, Mexico, stands proudly as a sign of the growing friendship between India and Mexico. In 2013, they erected this arch, using it for cultural events like art and history shows that unite people from different places.

Video Credit: Tarun Krishna

Explore the Romance at the Garden of Five Senses for Couples

Looking for a beautiful place for couples in Delhi? where you can spend time with each other and be close to nature. The Garden of Five Senses is the best place for couples to go. This beautiful garden is a peaceful place for couples in love to walk hand in hand among the bright flowers, soothing ponds, and fragrant herbs. Be it your first date or your wedding anniversary.

This garden offers a sensory journey that awakens love and brings people closer. At the Garden of Five Senses for lovers, you can feel the joy of love among the beauty of nature. Garden of Five Senses is also a safe place in Delhi for couples. Where couples can spend loving moments without any fear or hesitation

Garden of Five Senses Ticket Price/Entry Fee

If you want to visit the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi, it’s important to be aware of the Garden of Five Senses Delhi Ticket Price. The prices are quite reasonable and are structured to accommodate people of all ages:

  1. Adults: It costs Rs 35 to get in as an adult.
  2. Children (5–12 Years): The price of a ticket for a child between the ages of 5 and 12 is Rs 15.
  3. Children (Under 5 Years): Children under 5 years old can get in for free, making it a good place for the whole family.
  4. Older Citizens: The entry fee for older citizens is Rs 15, which is a discount.

Here’s the ticket price information in a table format:

CategoryTicket Price (Rs)
Children (5–12 Years)15
Children (Under 5 Years)Free
Older Citizens15
The Garden of Five Senses ticket costs are simplified in this table.

With these affordable Garden of Five Senses ticket prices, you can go to this beautiful place. Here, you can enjoy its beautiful scenery, cultural events, and physical threats without breaking the bank. It’s a cheap way to see the natural and cultural wonders of the park with your family, friends, or by yourself.

How to Easily Book Tickets Online for the Garden of Five Senses?

If you want to visit the beautiful Garden of Five Senses in Delhi, it’s easy and quick to book tickets online. Follow these simple steps to secure your entry:

  1. Visit Delhi Tourism’s Garden of Five Senses booking page -(https://www.delhitourism.gov.in/delhitourism/tourist_place/onlineGFS.jsp).
  2. Select your preferred date and time for the visit.
  3. Choose the number of tickets needed for your group.
  4. Complete the payment using various available methods.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email or a reference number for your booking.

When the day comes, go to the Garden of Five Senses and give the ticket desk your registration number or reference number. Then, spend some time enjoying the beauty and peace of this amazing Delhi site. Have a good time!

Best Time to Visit the Garden of Five Senses

If you want to get the most out of your trip to the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi, you need to plan it carefully. To enjoy your experience, consider the best time to visit the Garden of Five Senses. Avoid the hot summers and the monsoon rains, which can otherwise disrupt and dampen your trip.

  • February and March: The best time to see this natural wonder is at the end of winter, around February and March. During this time, the weather is nice, making it easy for you to visit. This time of year is special because the garden is full of colorful flowers that make it look like a work of art.
  • The Flower Festival: Visit between February and March to see the beautiful Flower Festival, a celebration of carefully arranged flowers. It adds an extra layer of charm to the garden and makes your visit truly memorable.

The best time to visit the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is in late winter when the weather is nice and the flowers are in bloom. Having a great trip means staying away from the hot summer and rainy weather seasons. Don’t miss the Flower Festival that’s going on at the same time!

Garden Of Five Senses Delhi Timings:

Here are the Closing and Opening timings for the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi:

  • Summer Timings (March to September): 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Winter Timings (October to February): 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

The Garden Of Five Senses Delhi Timings allows people to explore and enjoy the beauty of the garden in different seasons. There are plenty of daylight hours for a wonderful time. 

Contact Details for the Garden of Five Senses in New Delhi

Here is the contact information like phone number and address for the Garden of Five Senses:

  • Address: Garden of Five Senses, Said-ul-Ajaib, M.B. Road, South of Saket, New Delhi, India.
  • Phone Number: +91 11 2953 6401

The Garden of Five Senses location in New Delhi, India, offers nature, art, and sensory experiences. If you have particular queries or need extra information, contact them using the above information.

How to Reach the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi?

It’s easy to get to the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi, and there are several ways to get there:

  1. By Metro: The Garden of Five Senses is the nearest metro station to the Saket Metro Station, which is on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. The Garden of Five Senses is only 1 km away from the Saket metro station, so getting there is easy and quick by metro.
  2. By Bus: Several Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses go to Saket, which is the closest bus stop to the garden. Once you get to Saket, the Garden of Five Senses is a short taxi or auto-rickshaw ride away.
  3. By Car: You can use GPS to find your way to the garden if you’re driving there. It is near the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road, which makes it easy to get to by car.
  4. By Taxi or Ride-Sharing Apps: In Delhi, there are a lot of taxis and ride-sharing apps like Uber and Ola. You can type in the name of the garden and follow the driver’s route.
  5. By Auto-Rickshaw: Auto-rickshaws are a popular mode of transport in Delhi. You can easily find them in various parts of the city. Make sure to negotiate the fare before starting your journey.

The Garden of Five Senses is easy to get to and a popular place to visit, so there are many ways to get there. Depending on where you are in Delhi, you can pick the most convenient way to get to this beautiful place.

Beat Street Festival 2023 at The Garden Of Five Senses

Beat Street Festival 2023 at The Garden Of Five Senses
Image Source: Patym Insider Beat Street Festival Event 2023

Upcoming Events: The Beat Street Festival 2023 – The Garden Of Five Senses is a three-day party with music, culture, and food. It is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Beat Street Festival 2023 – The Garden Of Five Senses brings together artists from all over the world, tasty foods, and fun zones that people will remember forever. It’s an event for everyone, whether you like music, and food, or are looking for a special memory. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable event.

Book Beat Street Festival Online Ticket Here: https://insider.in/beatstreet-festival-delhi-sept15-2023/event

Day 1 – 15th September 2023:

On September 15, the event starts with a bang, thanks to an amazing group of acts who will set the stage on fire with their shows. The Day 1 artist roster includes:


Beat Street Festival 2023 will start off in style with a mix of soulful tunes and high-energy beats that will keep you interested.

Day 2 – 16th September 2023:

The fun keeps going on September 16 when more skilled singers and artists come to the Beat Street Festival. Day 2’s artist lineup includes:

  5. VILEN

Artists will play a variety of musical styles on this day, so there will be something for everyone who likes music.

Day 3 – 17th September 2023:

The grand finale of Beat Street Festival 2023 unfolds on the 17th of September, featuring a stellar lineup that will leave you craving for more. Day 3’s artist lineup comprises:

  2. SAHIL
  6. BLUE

With so many great artists performing, this day will bring together music, culture, and art in a way that has never been done before.

Food and Entertainment at Beast Street Festival:

At Beat Street Festival 2024, the music is the star, but don’t miss the different food zones. Taste tastes from all over India. There’s something for everyone, whether you like spicy street food or gourmet treats.

Things to Do in Garden of Five Senses: 14 Must-Try Activities

Certainly, here’s a shorter version of things to do in the Garden of Five Senses:

  1. Explore Nature: Take a leisurely walk amidst lush gardens and vibrant flowers.
  2. Photography: Capture the garden’s beauty with your camera.
  3. Relaxation: Find serenity for yoga and meditation.
  4. Art Appreciation: Admire unique sculptures scattered throughout.
  5. Live Music: Enjoy live music and cultural events.
  6. Culinary Delights: Savor local snacks at cafes and food stalls.
  7. Butterfly Park: Observe diverse butterfly species up close.
  8. Special Exhibitions: Check out seasonal floral exhibitions.
  9. Picnic: Have a picnic in designated areas.
  10. Nature Walks: Join guided walks to learn about plants.
  11. Sensory Garden: Engage all senses in this unique garden.
  12. Bird Watching: Spot various bird species.
  13. Workshops: Take part in art and craft workshops.
  14. Reading: Enjoy a book amidst nature’s tranquility.

Keep it simple and engaging for all readers while adhering to the provided content guidelines. Enjoy your visit!

Garden of Five Senses Photos/Images

Nearby Attraction of Garden of Five Senses:

When you visit the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi, you’ll find several nearby attractions:

  1. Qutub Minar: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with intricate carvings.
  2. Lodhi Garden: Serene Park with historical tombs.
  3. Hauz Khas Village: This trendy neighborhood with cafes and boutiques.
  4. Lotus Temple: An architectural marvel for meditation.
  5. India Gate: Iconic monument for evening walks.
  6. Humayun’s Tomb: Mughal masterpiece.
  7. Sarojini Nagar Market: Affordable shopping hub.
  8. ISKCON Temple Delhi

Check opening hours and fees before visiting. Enjoy exploring!


The Garden of Five Senses in Delhi shows how much the city wants to combine nature, culture, and physical encounters. It’s a place where you can get away from the noise and stress of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a must-see place for both locals and tourists because of the cultural events, delicious food, and other fun things to do. So, make plans to visit and let this beautiful oasis awaken your senses.

FAQs About Garden of Five Senses

What is the Garden of the Five Senses concept?

The Garden of the Five Senses is a unique idea that is meant to excite all five of our senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. It is a beautiful open area in Delhi, India, where people can learn about and interact with nature in different ways.

What is the entry fee for Garden of Five Senses?

The entry fee to the Garden of Five Senses depends on how old you are. Adults pay Rs 35, kids between the ages of 5 and 12 pay Rs 15, and kids under 5 get in for free. Rs 15 is taken off the price for senior people.

Which metro station is near to Garden of Five Senses Delhi?

The nearest metro station to the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is Saket Metro Station.

When was the Garden of Five Senses inaugurated?

The Garden of Five Senses was inaugurated in February 2003.

Is food available in the Garden of Five Senses?

Yes, there are food options available within the Garden of Five Senses where you can enjoy a meal or snacks.

Which day is Garden of Five Senses closed?

The Garden of Five Senses is generally closed on Mondays.

Are phones allowed in the Garden of Five Senses?

Yes, you can bring your phone with you to the Garden of Five Senses. But, please be considerate of other visitors and follow any rules of phone usage.

Where is the Garden Tourism Festival in 2024?

Check the formal event news or the garden’s website for more information about the Garden Tourism Festival in 2024.

What are the dates for the Flower and Garden Festival 2024?

The dates for the Flower and Garden Festival in 2024 may vary. Please check the official festival schedule for the specific dates of the event.

Which metro gate is near the Garden of Five Senses?

The nearest metro gate to the Garden of Five Senses is typically located at Saket Metro Station. Please follow the signs for directions from the station.

Is a camera allowed in Garden of Five Senses?

Yes, cameras are usually allowed in the Garden of Five Senses for personal photography. Yet, commercial photography may need special permissions.

Is the Garden of Five Senses open today?

You can check the Garden of Five Senses’ official website or call them directly to find out if they are open on a certain day.

Is the Garden of Five Senses open on Sunday?

Yes, the Garden of Five Senses is usually open on Sundays, but it’s best to check their website or call them to confirm the hours for a particular Sunday.

Is food allowed in the Garden of Five Senses?

Yes, you are typically allowed to bring and consume food in designated areas within the Garden of Five Senses. But, please follow any specific rules or guidelines provided by the garden authorities.

Is Garden of Five Senses safe for couples?

Yes, the Garden of Five Senses is a safe and popular place for couples to visit and enjoy a romantic outing in a natural setting.

Are couples allowed in the Garden of Five Senses?

Yes, couples are welcome to visit and explore the Garden of Five Senses together. It’s a lovely place for couples to enjoy a peaceful and scenic environment.

Is parking available at Garden of Five Senses Delhi?

Yes, parking facilities are available at the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi for the convenience of visitors.


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